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May 21, 2010


"What if the bachelorette party theme is sluts?"

Jenna Maroney having a rage stroke

I wasn't always so wild about this season of 30 Rock, which ended last night. But Jenna's line about Liz's hypothetical bachelorette party, during her brief engagement to Wesley Snipes, killed me. (Here's the episode.) Actually, let's think about some other highlights of the season:

From the Christmas episode ("Secret Santa"):
Danny: [Sings "Danny Boy"] I'm sorry, is your nose bleeding?
Jenna: Yes. Because I'm so happy for you. It's definitely not a rage stroke.

From the Liz Lemon party episode ("Khonani"):
Liz: You think when I was a kid I dreamed of someday spending $1,200 on a karaoke machine to impress a bunch of pasty losers?
Jenna: And a professional singer, who's beautiful ... but doesn't know it!

From the environmentalism episode
("Sun Tea"):
Kenneth: I've been put in charge of reducing TGS's carbon footprint. And everyone has to chip in.
Jenna: Kenneth, I once took a low-volume shower with Ed Begley, Jr. What more can I do?

Jenna really got some of the best lines this season.

Get ready for next week's TV apocalypse, when Law and Order, 24, and Lost all end forever. Maybe Sam Waterston, Kiefer, and Michael Emerson can all create a new reality show about going to auditions.

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Jane Krakowski is really one hell of a line-seller. The following exchange with Jack is only so-so on its own:

Jack: I've got it! Jenna, I want to Tupac you!
Jenna: Okay, but let me pee first.

But Krakowski makes it unspeakably hilarious.

It's interesting to ponder the might-have-been if Fey had gotten her first, dowdier choice for the role. It makes some conceptual sense (The Girlie Show as a glamour-free environment into which Tracy and Jack intrude), but I can't imagine the show being as good without Krakowski.

Posted by: That Fuzzy Bastarrd at May 24, 2010 4:00 PM

Right, it was supposed to be Rachel Dratch, I had completely forgotten about that. She's a funny lady, too, but she's no Krakowski.

Back in the dark days of Ally McBeal, I sure never thought I'd say that.

Posted by: amy at May 24, 2010 10:04 PM

While you don't have two beers, you do have two kidneys. Think of it this way. If I had two dollars, I'd give you one. Wouldn't I?

Posted by: T-Rock at May 25, 2010 1:59 PM

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