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December 3, 2009


David Cross, Will Arnett, and Spike Jonze do a TV show together

Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret

David Cross's new TV show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, just started airing last week.

Unfortunately, it's on Channel 4. In the UK. I guess this is payback for Ricky Gervais coming to Hollywood and The Daily Show's poaching of John Oliver. Or some kind of karmic retribution for American TV canceling Arrested Development.

Anyway, here's a clip that features a ton of really spectacular swearing by Will Arnett, who hires the nebbishy David Cross away from his straight-man boss Spike Jonze (first thing Jonze has been in since Three Kings!) to go to London to market an energy drink called Thunder Muscle:

The show is co-written by David Cross and Shaun Pye, a British actor who writes for Never Mind the Buzzcocks and was on Extras.

Because the whole world sucks, you can't watch the full episodes that are up on the Channel 4 website if you're in the US. But it'll be over here eventually. Hey, it only took three years for IFC to start airing episodes of Arrested Development.

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As God is my witness, I shall use "fucktard" three times at work tomorrow.

Posted by: T-Rock at December 3, 2009 5:00 PM

I watched the whole episode, and I really wasn't impressed. There was an expected scene where David's character drinks too much thunder muscle and goes on a crazy rant that sounded like one of his stand up routines.

It seems to basically poke fun at Americans while still poking some fun at the brits too. At the end though I was just left going 'meh.' I had hoped for a lot more.

Posted by: Alan at December 10, 2009 1:33 AM

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