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November 1, 2005


Those LIFE demonstrators are back, as nonsensical as ever

We got more than our fill of those weirdos with pieces of duct tape with LIFE written on it over their mouths during the Terri Schiavo mess. And prompted, I guess, by Bush's nomination of Alito to be the next Supreme Court Justice, they've returned to the steps of the Supreme Court to stand around, looking like idiots, and are making some vague political point that is too nuanced and metaphorical for me to understand.

LIFE demonstrator

So what does this guy mean to say, exactly? His eyes are shut, his mouth is taped closed, he's listening to Hoobastank or some shit on his headphones, and this all means... OK. I admit it. I have no idea what this is meant to signify. Supporting a political platform that defends that lives of fetuses is akin to sensory deprivation? Our secular government or culture or media or whatever silences religious extremists?

And look at this freak.

Woman worshipping the Supreme Court building

Is this woman worshipping a building? A building of the U.S. Government, that secular den of corruption? Is she asking God to come to America in the form of a judge from New Jersey?

OK look, demonstrators. I hate to tell you this, but the right wing of our government is never going to make abortion illegal. Why not? Because then there would be no issue left that can get all of you so worked up. They want to keep using you. They've got to keep the political contributions coming and the voting booths filled, and no other issue can do that like abortion. Making it illegal would be the death of the conservative movement as we know it.

So go ahead and ride the bus to D.C. and afix tape to different parts of your bodies. I don't think it's going to get you anywhere, but it will encourage the political right to keep manipulating you.

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Well don't forget the homo issue. They always have that to fall back on...

Posted by: rachel at November 1, 2005 4:08 PM

I personally think the tape is a wonderful idea.
In fact, I think they should all wear them at all times.

Posted by: Reid at January 5, 2008 9:47 PM

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