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May 16, 2002


Ok, ok, one more.24. During

Ok, ok, one more.

24. During a conversation with Amy by the water cooler just now, I realized the following thing: 24 is like our emotionally-manipulative, slightly abusive boyfriend who we just keep coming back to.

No matter how cruel he is, and how manipulative, we keep thinking, "Oh, things are going to get better", mostly because when 24 first came into our lives, he was a brilliant flash of light who swept us off our feet and whispered sweet nothings into our ear for one hour every Tuesday night. Then things started going sour -- slowly at first, so we wouldn't notice. And when things really went bad (i.e., when the relationship, the show, and Kim Bauer all went off a cliff), we were so worn down, we couldn't break away. Besides, where would we go? Who would be there for us every Tuesday night? If not 24, then who? No one. No one is there for us like 24. Like Amy said, we complain to our friends about him every time we see him, but then (as I said) we're like, "No, you don't understand...He's actually really good...He's not like this all the time." Next year, things will be different. We know he's going to change.

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