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February 8, 2007


The perils of not following your own advice

Lost returns

Back in November, I was ready to commit to never watching Lost again after the tedious first six episodes. But, time heals all wounds, and once-resolute ex-Lost fans sometimes stray from the path, because last night I found myself sitting through all the same plodding, who-cares stuff about The Others... AGAIN... that has effectively ruined a perfectly good show.

Here's what we got:

  • No Sayid
  • No Hurley
  • No Locke
  • Loads of "I can't do it, Jack!" "Yes you can, Kate!"
  • Non-shocking suggestion that the Dharma folks are maybe doing asexual reproduction experiments
  • Juliet is psychic/telekinetic
  • Most of the show's best characters are all still dead.

Best part of the show was Alex, the crazy-sexy-feral daughter of the French woman, wiping out one of The Others with her slingshot. Second best was the mind-melting, proto-Buddhist, drum 'n' bass movie-torture room where Alex's boyfriend was being brainwashed. Worst part of the show was everything else.

Alessandra Stanley had a mysterious article in the Times yesterday in which she claims that "Lost seems less like a sprawling, serialized 19th-century novel than like American Idol: the show’s writers and producers are so responsive to public reaction that viewers may as well be voting characters on and off the island by phone and text message."

Huh? We wanted Michelle Rodriguez to die?! Yeah, Lost viewers demand more Ben and Juliet and Jack, please! I had hoped the show's producers had heard about their fans losing interest and their ratings going down, prompting them to bring back some of what made the show good in the first place.


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