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October 10, 2007


Robert Durst gets back into real estate

Robert Durst, mugshot

Today the Post reports that Robert Durst, ousted real estate mogul, slippery weasel of the criminal justice system and all-around lunatic, is shopping for an apartment on the Upper East Side. He's hired a broker and reportedly is considering a $3 million apartment in the Miraval, which is under construction on E 72nd. The Post makes the fair assumption that Durst is only looking at condos, since he probably wouldn't do so well with co-op boards.

But the main story here is that Robert Durst, probable killer of 3, is a free man: he's finished his probation in Texas (for a gun charge and tampering with evidence, i.e. cutting up his neighbor's body and dumping it in Galveston Bay) and apparently still has a whole lot of money, even after his lengthy murder trial of 2003 that somehow ended with acquittal.

Nothing new to report here, but here's a quick version of his incredible story: Robert Durst, member of a powerful NY real estate family, married 19 year-old Kathleen Durst, who disappeared in 1982. She has never been found, and pretty much everybody thinks he killed her. Especially since his close friend, Susan Berman, was shot in the head in 2000 right before she was scheduled to talk to the police with some information she had about Kathleen's disappearance. That murder is unsolved, too.

Then he admitted to shooting and killing his neighbor, Morris Black, in 2001. Durst was living in Galveston, sometimes identifying as a deaf-mute woman named Dorothy Ciner, and sometimes as himself. He was on the run from the cops after the killing, and was caught in a Wegman's parking lot in Pennsylvania, when he was busted for shoplifting even though he had $500 in his pocket.

From Court TV's excellent bio:

"Surveillance cameras captured him taking a single Band-Aid from a box on the shelf, then going into the rest room and putting the Band-Aid over a shaving cut. Upon leaving the rest room, he wandered over to a refrigerated case and took a $5.49 chicken salad sandwich as well as a newspaper from the rack, hid them in his jacket, and walked out of the store... When Durst was apprehended he was wearing a woman's brown wig and a false blond mustache. Underneath the wig, his head was shaved clean like his eyebrows."

A new book about the case, Without A Trace, comes out early next year. It's by Marion Collins, who has written for the Post, the Daily News, and Star, so it will definitely include all the most lurid and sensational details.

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oh boy oh boy! what the hell? why is he still walking freely around manhattan and he is probably the only suspect in the 2 unsolved mysteries? i bumped into this freaky guy onn a dark night in manhattan while he was on a 3 day furlough. he was scary as hell. my vicous noisy lil jack russell terrier scared the daylights out of him as he turned the corner of 67th street and broadway. he recovered and composed himself and then proceeded to stare me down. if he would have gotten nipped it would have been a lil justice, payback so to speak for those 2 poor ladies that he murdered. needless to say he scurried along broadway about 10 seconds later mumbling crazily to himself. i thought he was gonna pull out a gun or machete or something.
i hope there are cops tailing him for the safety of all nyers as he is one loose cannonball. he should never have been let out of prison.

Posted by: patrick lally at June 27, 2008 2:22 AM

I think is great he is free whitout charges is my father and don't think is guilty

Posted by: david daniel durst at March 8, 2009 3:41 PM

Scary as he is or is not!.....He must be commended.
I met him several times on Galveston Island before all the truths came out.
I remember him as the little old lady near the Salvation Army ( as I thrifted there and the Saint Vincent store) and Mr. Morris the radical that he was accused of and later found not guilty of murdering.... and then at Mardi Gras. I did not know that was him at Mardi Gras until he was arrested for shop lifting and then I saw he was "The Prince" as he described himself that evening. IN a great tux and a leased JAG. And BEADS to die for!
He was charming and generous, fun and carefree.
If anything, Robert Durst is a master of deception and idenity change.
One cannot be amazed by his courage, or lack of it.
A zillionaire living in a small $275. a month apartment in Galveston compared to a 3 million dollar apartment he is in interested in and all the luxury that had surrounded his life.
Then I saw him a few times at the county jail as my son was in there for not paying tickets.Robert was quiet and subdued.
Robert, I must commend you on your plight..

Posted by: norma jean at September 7, 2010 1:43 PM

I believe Robert Durst is a psychopath and if i ever see him walking the streets of New York i will spit on him. We don't need a Hollywood movie or a bestselling novel to tell us that he did it. The justice system failed and this man should be strapped to the electric chair and fried!

Posted by: Jacki at December 9, 2010 10:57 PM

I predict: that this maniac will meet his match. You will hear that he is found dead in an alley somewhere. Suspicious will be his death, but no one will be able to prove that it is a homicide.

This Psychopath will not live much longer.

Justice will be served and he will rot in Hell for Eternity for the many murders he has committed.

His family will not attend his funeral.

Such is the outcome for a degenerate evil doer, such as Robert Durst.

Posted by: Cassandra Lakes at January 22, 2012 9:40 PM

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