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January 9, 2008


Patton Oswalt eats a KFC Famous Bowl™

Someone over at the A.V. Club had the brilliant idea of getting Patton Oswalt to actually eat a KFC Famous Bowl™, the fast food metaphor for a world that has totally given up: "America has spoken - pile my food in a fucking bowl."

This is akin to getting TLC to go on a date with a scrub, or having Amy Winehouse spend a week in rehab.

So he wrote about it, and it's funny.

First, some photographic documentation. KFC's assertion as to what its Famous Bowl™ looks like:

KFC Famous Bowl

Patton Oswalt's actual Famous Bowl™:

Patton Oswalt's KFC Famous Bowl

And a few descriptions of his experience eating it:

The gravy, which I remembered as being tangy and delicious in my youth, tasted like the idea of blandness, but burned and then salted to cover the horrid taste. The mashed potatoes defiantly stood their ground against the gravy, as if they'd read The Artist's Way and said, "I'm going to be boring and forgetful in my own potato-y way!" The corn tasted like it had been dunked in fake-corn-flavored ointment, and the popcorn chicken, breaded to the point of parody, was like chewing a cotton sleeve that someone had used to wipe chicken grease off their chin.

If you haven't ever seen his KFC Famous Bowl™ bit, you can watch it here:

Patton Oswalt doing standup

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Hey I was going to write you an email about Patton Oswalt and then I saw this. Did you know he had a small part in "Balls of Fury?" I didn't either, but then I was stuck on a plane for 13 hours and found out. He's hilarious. The rest of the movie, not so much.

Posted by: T-Rock at January 9, 2008 2:51 PM

I didn't know. I thought about 6 seconds of the "Balls of Fury" trailer was funny, so with the Patton Oswalt part added in, I guess we're looking at half, maybe three-quarters of a minute of funny parts.

Posted by: amy at January 9, 2008 5:42 PM

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