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September 28, 2012


The cool deleted stuff from The Master trailers

Girl With Gun shot from The Master trailer

When then trailer for The Master came out a few months ago, this image was one of the most exciting parts for me. I thought at the time that the woman with the rifle was Amy Adams, and the thought of little musical theater sweetie-pie Amy Adams blasting a big gun in cowboy boots was pretty irresistible, especially considering the other clips of her in the trailer made her look like a menacing, cold-blooded, baby-faced nutjob.

It took me a few days after seeing the movie to realize there was no such scene in the actual movie, which partially explains why I didn't fall over and die for it like a lot of other people have (the kind of people who mysteriously insist that you won't "get it" unless you watch it twice, in the theater, with a 70mm print.) I also think the girl in the clip is [SPOILER ALERT] actually Philip Seymour Hoffman's flirty daughter, and not Amy Adams, who's big and pregnant and definitely not wearing any cute cowboy boots in this movie.

Apparently there's loads of other stuff from the various trailers that also didn't make it into the movie, which has of course been exhaustively compiled. To satisfy all the devoted Master completists out there, a long new trailer has been released, weeks after the movie actually came out, which has even more deleted clips in it.

Warning/Recommendation: boobs.

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