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May 10, 2003


Okay. Pay attention: For over

aimee osbourneOkay. Pay attention: For over a year now, we've been getting countless visitors to this site who are looking for "Amy Osbourne", who is the Osbourne child you never see on TV. We get these visitors even though we've only mentioned Aimee once, and not even by name. We get these visitors because one of us is named Amy and we used to write about the Osbournes a lot.

The problem is Amy Osbourne is spelled AIMEE OSBOURNE. People can't seem to figure this out. Nonetheless, finally, we are now offering you what you've been hounding us for all this time: a picture of Aimee Osbourne. In fact, if you go to WireImage.com and search for Aimee Osbourne, you'll find about 1 million pictures of her.

Now leave us alone.

posted by adm at 4:55 PM | #


Hello Amy Osborne: you are soo
fine!!! you are hella asome and me I would just be honnerd
to meet you!!! real name is: Joseph R. Greco
hair: blond
eyes: hazol
great personnaladee,great since of hummer.
A hella a nice guy.
I`m loving,caring,hansome I look like Fabio and I want you but I know your married he is a luky guy.
How come all the goodlooking women are already taken, oh well thats the brakes I guess.
Anyway Amy you have a great life!!! and I hope I can still meet you?

love Joey

Posted by: JOEY GRECO at February 6, 2005 4:04 AM

Aimee, I have a confession to make I am a sad gay batty boy and don't really like you!
I like your dad instead and woudn't mind a go with the poodle lookalike LOL Ciao!


Posted by: Joey Greco at April 7, 2005 2:24 AM

I think the only reason why you havent seen Amiee on the tv is because she doesnt want the attention like you think she does. She just wanted her own life. Leave her alone

Posted by: Ashley Comeau at July 1, 2009 8:03 AM

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