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June 27, 2006


See how much fun the war can be?

Bush jogging with double amputee

In his latest entry for Most Misguided Self-Serving Photo Op, Bush goes jogging with double-amputee U.S. Army soldier Sgt Christian Bagge. Hey, youth of America! Get maimed, work out with the President! Great!

Miss Beazley and the double-amputee

Miss Beazley seems less convinced.

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This might be a new picture, but I have seen pictures of Bush jogging with other amputees several times over the years. Why is it necessary to bash everything he does? The man can't do anything in public without photos being taken, but does that mean everything he does is just for attention? I don't think so.
I may not agree with his actions, but I don't find fault with every aspect of his life.

Posted by: soelo at June 29, 2006 3:08 PM

Soelo, do you think the president woke up and was like, "Hey, today I'm going to go jogging with my good friend the double-amputee from the illegal war I started! Not because it makes it look like guys who lost both their legs over there are happy with me, but because they are my workout buddies?" Maybe that's what happened, just like the time he said, "Today, I think I'll wear my flight suit and take a trip out to the aircraft carriers. If there happens to be a 'Mission Accomplished' banner on the ship, well, hey, nothing I can do about that!"

Posted by: ADM at June 30, 2006 1:22 PM

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