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July 9, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning

Bronx is Burning

Tonight at 10 is the premiere of ESPN's original miniseries The Bronx is Burning, based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Mahler. It runs for 8 weeks, and will air on Tuesdays at 10 after this week.

It's going to be awesome. The book, whose subtitle is "1977, Baseball, Politics, and the Battle for the Soul of a City" is an incredibly thorough portrait of the nadir of New York City's troubled history. 1977 represented the culmination of poverty, poor governance, racial tensions, and general urban dysfunction; there were the Son of Sam murders, a nasty mayoral election, the blackout, and ongoing, slow recovery from the 1975 fiscal crisis. Outside the city, New York was seen as a national embarrassment: as the book says of the looting and mayhem that went on during the blackout, "America had expected the worst, and New York had not let it down."

But the real narrative of the book, and the focus of the miniseries, is the rise of the Yankees and Reggie Jackson, culminating in his famous 3 consecutive home runs in the 1977 World Series against the Dodgers. Not surprising that ESPN chose to devote the most time to the sports story, and as Mahler says in an interview in this week's Time Out, "Reggie's three home runs is as much a symbol of New York's resilience as its rebirth," though he says identifying it as the point at which the city's fortunes started to change would be an oversimplification.

But this is ESPN: the reviews suggest that the TV show has no problem with oversimplification. It emphasizes the Yankees story and maybe doesn't deal as much with all the other stuff going on in the city (Daily News review says they've "taken on several major, meaty stories at once, reducing them to their essences and intertwining them.") But it looks like we'll at least get to see Jimmy Breslin covering the Son of Sam murders. He's played by Michael Rispoli, who played Jackie Aprile on The Sopranos, and was also in Spike Lee's Summer of Sam, which covers the same historical territory as this miniseries. No mention of hat-loving agitator and mayoral candidate Bella Abzug in the cast list, though, which is too bad, since she is at least as larger-than-life a character as Billy Martin.

Which brings us to the fantastic Yankees cast: John Turturro as Billy Martin, the Yankees' legendarily hot-tempered manager (Daily News reported he maybe got a little too Method during the shoot,) Oliver Platt as George Steinbrenner, and Daniel Sunjata as Reggie Jackson. Sunjata is also on Rescue Me, where he plays firefighter Franco Rivera. On Rescue Me, his character typically has a lot of lady troubles, and he plays his dramatic scenes with intensity as well as restraint, which is especially impressive considering how outrageously tragic the storylines of the show often are.

Now's his chance to lose the restraint and cut loose as the preening, egomaniacal Jackson, who always seemed at least as concerned about his image off the field as he was about his baseball games. I hope they recreate the interview he did for Sport magazine where he dropped the "I'm the straw that stirs the drink" bomb. In the Bronx is Burning book, Mahler writes that Jackson later said that interview was "the worst screwing he ever got from the press."

Anyway, Sunjata looks like he's heading into casting territory currently occupied by John Turturro and Tony Shalhoub, where he can convincingly play any number of ethnicities. Also interesting is that in 2002 John Turturro played Howard Cosell, whose quote inspired the title, in TNT's Monday Night Mayhem.

The Daily News has a good special section on the summer of 1977, and the Post has a great article on the chaos of the blackout, part of a five-day series of articles leading up to the 30th anniversary this Friday.

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Sunjata should have the baseball star role down by now - this is the second time he's been a Yankee. He was nominated for a Tony in 2003 for playing a gay Jeter-type superstar on a Yankees-type team in "Take Me Out." He is also extremely hot.

Posted by: Emily at July 9, 2007 4:08 PM

Agreed. Maybe I'm nuts, but that moustache-soulpatch-glasses combination might actually make him look even better than usual.

Posted by: amy at July 9, 2007 5:19 PM

Daniel Sunjata is the worst human being I met in my life. He uses women
for sex and money to support his drug addict life. Daniel also has no life so he comes on pretending hes his own
fan to protet his secret life. He did this to my sister and 100s of women.
Lots of nice girls come on his sites looking
for the truth so this is it.Daniel is Daniel's # 1 fan. LOL.
Daniel has a fake girlfriend named Ro. He don't love her by cheating everywhere with other girls.
If he tells you he single and nice
man All lies. She
is the hiffer you see in the pics of events. She is a doormat and fugly and barely speak english.He won't marry her he knows
she's dumb and not classy or smart to be wife material. She is for the public
image but he is dating other girls and white chicks.
He tells nice young girls hes single so he can date them and use them
for sex. He is a sex addict and he quit the meetings because they don't help him.
He don't love Ro he got an "arrangement" for his public image. She got
a man in Venezuela who is her real man. Daniel tells so many lies he don't know the truth. He is nasty bad man.
When the girls come looking for Dan and find Ro he tells her they are fake people. He won't even speak to the girls when he gets what he wants. He takes advantage of honest people.
Right. They weren't fake when you were trying to sleep with them or date them were

Posted by: Ameilia at July 18, 2007 2:59 PM

My goodness. Well, I'm relieved that even though Ro is an ugly hiffer, doesn't speak English, and is a doormat who gets lied to all the time, she can still get a real man in Venezuela. Girl power!

Posted by: amy at July 18, 2007 3:40 PM

I have been a fan of Daniel Sunjata for quite some time now; dating back to his days on Broadway. We worked together once, although I doubt he remembers me lol, and though things have not gone well for me in acting as they have for him I have always watched his career as a fan waiting for his inevitable rise to stardom, which I think we are now witnessing the beginning stages of. I post and read on various sites dedicated to him and sometimes do random searches on Google or whatever to see what the blogg buzz is on him.

Sometime during the last year and a half or so I began seeing posts like the one from "Daniel Lies" accusing Daniel of everything from sleeping around, to being a drug addict, to passing STDs to women, to being gay, to stealing, and even being a pedophile, and the list goes on and on. In tracking this phenomenon of hate speech against Daniel, it became apparent that someone (two or three people at most but more likely one) was posting this stuff on various sites under too many alias' to count, pretending to be the voices of the many supposed women Daniel is alleged to have hurt.

HOW did it become so apparent? Well its difficult to expalin but in reading all this filth it just "sounded" like the same one, two, or three people; same exact way of writing, same grammatical errors, same terrible acting when it came to trying to sound like ten different people. Hard to explain if you have not seen it yourself, but it was obvious...thats all I can say. Scroll up to read some key examples, as this person has been doing the same thing here.

What was also obvious was that this person(s) had/have some kind of vendetta against Daniel Sunjata. It was personal and you could just tell that the individual(s) in question have an unhealthy and disproportionate interest in the man; think crazy stalker type. Some sick individual is spending hours and hours trolling the web and trying to discredit and slander Daniel in the most malicious of ways.

Now, I and some others of his fans have taken an interest in this to the point of doing some investigating of our own and we found something interesting that seems to support our theory. Namely that various moderators who manage the sites where most of these defamatory posts appear have given us THE EXACT SAME IP ADDRESS (in one case two different IPs but usually the same exact one)!!! On at least five different web sites and under as many as ten to fifteen different names/alias' the offending posts came from IP address:

which traces to LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA. For instance, please read the following cut and paste from one blogg where this individual was exposed for the liar that they are by a true fan posting under the name "Santini"...

Santini said...

"Exhibit A) Staci [the moderator of this blogg] said Anonymous traces to 2 seperate IP addresses IN INDIANA right?

Exhibit B) The following post:

Anonymous said...
"Doesn't surprise me. The producer lives in the apartment building where my hubby and I live. He complains Daniel is known on set for being late and a cheater, liar He cheats on his plain older must be near 50 girlfriend with naieve girls he lies to. Not a nice guy."

Now riddle me this, Batman...

If Anonymous is in indiana, then how in the world do they live in the same building as the producer of a show THAT SHOOTS IN NEW YORK???!!!

C-a-s-e C-l-o-s-e-d

Anonymous you are obviously a coward AND a liar. Now pick up ya face and go play in traffic before someone informs the real Sunjata of your slander and libel and you end up in court. I think we can also safely assume that this other post from Anonymous is also a lie:

"Party on!!!!My best girl worked as a PA on Rescue Me(Season 2 & 3). She said everyone's fun work and party hard, especially Denis. But she did say that Daniel Sunjata is a dog and a player. He was trying to bang every girl on set and cheat on his girl. Nasty."

Unless the hill billies in indiana commonly have friends that work on hit television shows that shoot in NY, LMAO. wow, talk about pathetic."

Using this as an example from which to work we found the same IP used in every single slanderous post about Daniel on various sites including but not limited to the following:


Also considering the fact that the substance of the accusations and lies is of an illegal nature (like sleeping with young boys...yuck) one would think that instead of posting rumors and hearsay on random bloggs, that the "victims" would bring charges against such a supposed predator, but of course that has never happened and in all likelihood never will happen because IT IS ALL A LIE.

Daniel IS a fantastic artist, there is no doubt about his talent. He has been nominated for a Tony Award for his work on Broadway and I am sure that Emmys and Oscars are soon to follow. He advocates just causes and promotes foreward thinking political ideas. On his fan sites when he does post it is never about himself but about current events and social issues; in fact he goes out of his way to take the attention we try to shower him with and redirect it towards things that are substantive, humanistic, and relevent to the life of the average human being.

This is public record and can easily be proved with a few clicks of the mouse if you have the interest to do so. Given these facts and given the total lack of credibility (proven by the points I made earlier) of the person posting as various people on the sites I mentioned above, there is no doubt that Daniel is exactly who Daniel says he is and has proven himself to be; an actor whose goal is to inspire and uplift those who appreciate his work, and to provoke thought and stir discussion about things that matter instead of doing what most people in his position choose to do, which is to gratify their own egos and be caught up in the nonsense that so saddly predominates in this culture of celebrity worship.

I don't normally buy into gossip and speculation about famous people, as it is usually some vague facsimilie of half truths and lies and 99% of the time is driven by bad intentions. This is definitely the case here. Believe what you want folks, but the fact remains that Daniel Sunjata is the real deal, and no amount of mud slinging will change that. As a true Daniel Sunjata fan I felt the need to share this with all of you in the hopes that it will help to keep the more gullible of his fans from buying the bogus that IP in
LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA is spamming all over the web.

Thats what I came here to do and I've done it, so with that I'll return to Daniel's fan community at yahoogroups.com, where, by the way, (contrary to the claim made above by "Daniel Lies") there are NO women OR childeren posting nonsense about Daniel being any of the things that this sicko claims he is. God Bless you all.


Posted by: Tank11 at July 21, 2007 11:15 AM

Sorry girls Daniel does lie this "fan" is just doing damage control is probably a publicist or Daniel himself. He took me out to dinner when he was shooting The Devil Wears Prada and he turned out to be a jerk and sorry to break it to fans but the asshole way he handled our short relationship would not surprise me about the rest. I wish I knew he had a old hiffer moo girlfriend I would have called her and told her what he was up to like girl to girl.

Posted by: S Girl at July 26, 2007 1:44 AM

My goodness, I feel bad for all those girls Daniel uses. There was a professional football player in my hometown Tampa who played for the Bucs and he was caught in a similiar scandal. The truth usually comes out for these types of people because they are reckless and don't think about the consequences. This Ro person must be an idiot to stay. She sounds like a gold digger or just a doormat. Come on girls, where's the girl power!

Posted by: other amy at July 26, 2007 7:34 PM

So many claims, so little proof (none actually). The world may never know =^( Well even if he did trick some sisters out of their panties, at the end of the day we still here talkin about him. Why do we care so much about the private lives of people we watch on TV and in movies and stuff? He's a good actor. I don't know about the rest.

Posted by: Shaunique at July 31, 2007 6:37 PM

Not sure what 2 make of all this. Pretty shocking and surreal at the same time. Can't post my email here for everyone to use. My girlfriend has read your post. She is not sad or hurt at all, just shocked, if all this is true, that someone can be so deceitful and sick in the head to go to such extremes. She hasn't decided if she is going to call it off yet because she knows he is a celebrity and stuff gets posted about them all the time. I'm the one who's doing more of the investigating. Will try you tomorrow. I know my girl doesn't like drama and would prefer to steer clear of it. She'll make the right choice. Is he still seeing your friends? How did he dump them? Was it after the sex? I'd like a lil info please. Thank you!

Posted by: Curious at August 1, 2007 8:23 PM

Hey Tank 11,

I think you are really Daniel Sunjata himself. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. And before you get all panicky..I mean you no harm.

I sincerely hope you get a peaceful and just resolution to these accusations if true. It seems people are bent on repeatedly publishing these private matter. In keeping with how passionate you seem to be about justice and righting wrongs....if your are indeed sincere and "real about your shit", you no doubt will do/have done the right thing and started appologizing and repairing your relationships with these women. If true, it explains why a wave of anger would come at you when you have a show airing. If you are an advocate for humanity then I'm sure you know that hurting people through deceit is just as punishable and dishonest as the goings on on Capitol Hill. If not, screaming for justice on 911 and sporting 911 Truth gear.... just makes for a very stange and interesting dichotomy. Then again some people get passionate about ethics and religion when they themselves are living in sin. It's called guilty conscience. That's my two cents.

Sidebar: Talk about 6 degrees of separation...Larenz Tate on Rescue Me---I met you before and actually waited on him in a restaurant before about 12 years ago. I vividly remember him saying he does not use profanity (his mum reared him that way) and he's a teetotaler. Very pleasant young man and if I vaguely recollect also from your neck of the woods

Posted by: BobMarley1 at August 3, 2007 2:16 AM

This makes my skin crawel. I am not a child I am a grown up and men like this belong on America's Most Wanted or that dateline predator show now on a tv show where people can be fooled into thinking he's someone to look up to.

Posted by: Mad at August 6, 2007 9:34 PM

I have known women like Rosalba. foreign women are like that. They come here uneducated and think its ok their man is allowed to be sexing with whorever. Some got serious girlfriends other kids with other women. They don't realize they their man don't really love them. If a man loves his girl he wouldn't lay down with lots of women and go lay down with her. It's wrong in the bible and it just wrong. If she find out she won't give a shit. She won't leave because she's desperate. I'm surprised Daniel must be so insecure to pick someone like this.

Posted by: Shanna at August 12, 2007 1:13 AM

Maybe I'm nuts, but I don't know what to make of Daniel Sunjata. After reading these posts these last weeks I am starting to lose a lot of respect for him and his work. I'm not trying to stir up more stuff, but the IP's point to only three posters according to my records.

Is Daniel posting on this blog who knows. But there's a lot of questions that need answers. He or she has had too many "stalkers" or people who were "obsessed" with him or her in their past dating relationships. But to have too many people "obsessed with them" or "stalking" them is a sign that he or she played them and the victim just wanted to find out what was going on. Chances are, he or she, dropped the "stalker" like a hot potato, after he or she got done playing the game with them.

Posted by: at August 17, 2007 7:08 AM

Wow!!!!! this sh** is hilarious. The same argument is on other websites. Word for word. Even that tank person is on them too with his defense (daniel himself or publicist) Lmao! Someone is surely BITTER!

Posted by: This is great! at August 19, 2007 1:37 AM

I am truly shocked, how can someone who is well educated and comes from a good and loving family be or could have become so f.....up. People don't just come up with shit out of nowhere. Stuff like this are not just limited to celebrities or anyone in the public eye, even regular everyday people can have things come back to them if they have done something hurtful or truly horrible, the only difference is, celebrity stories get heard on a much larger scale which obviously comes with the territory of being in the spotlight. I would not be surprised if Daniel has read and is also posting on this blog and if so, why not respond in person and set all his accusers straight if in deed he is the real deal. I am deeply saddened that such a beautiful human being could be so ugly inside...

Posted by: Adelaide at August 30, 2007 11:45 PM

All I have to say is don't judge the poor woman befor you know her side. Whatever Mr. Sunjata is up to will eventually come back to haunt him and I think he and others like him, are already suffering a great deal internally. We say that we would leave someone who is cheating or mistreating us, but the majority of folks NEVER just walk out on someone they love. NEVER!!! So, don't be so quick to judge the woman. And just so you know, a little inside scoop, she's FANTASTIC, SMART. BEAUTIFUL and DELIGHTFUL. In the end it would be HIS LOSS!!

Posted by: Monday Night at October 8, 2007 10:48 PM

Are you all serious?! First off...NONE of you can credibly say that you know this man, or what makes him tick, or what bones may or may not be in his closet, so enough already with "i heard this..." and the "I.P. adress that." How stupid, really. Secondly, it is clear that some bitter and angry person is patheticly trying to run a smear-campaign on random blogs like this one (yeah, i'm sure they are reaching millions with the anti-Daniel message LOL). And lastly, PEOPLE....GET A LIFE. Speculation is such a waste of time.

Posted by: PAREVE at November 14, 2007 12:14 PM

Make peace, not war!

Posted by: oceassino at January 11, 2008 8:53 AM

The person who is making these claims about Daniel clearly has too much time on their hands and is very immature. Instead of posting lame, rambling, barely cohesive, and grammatically incorrect messages all over the web that time would be better spent studying proper English grammer.

Posted by: sunshine at April 29, 2008 5:30 PM

I'll say this I found this site and these women's post 5 years too late. I had a real encounter with Daniel Sunjata. I don't care if anyone believes me. I know it to be true. I don't have bad grammer but I'll say it plain. Daniel Sunjata is a bad person. He lied to me, had sex and dated me for 3 months before I discovered he had a girlfriend. Then he changed his number probably because he was racking up too many women he had to hide from his girlfriend. On top of that he stole my necklace that I left at his house after one of our dates and never returned it even though I wrote and emailed and even had to go to a fansite where he posted to request the heirloom be returned. He was a real prick about it and finally wrote me back a nasty message. At the time I thought wow-just a typical asshole-player what have you. Using his looks to bed women. But my friend is married to a member of the Rescue Me crew and years later I found out that this is a regular thing for him. And everyone is on to him and dislikes him for it. That's all. I wish I had never laid eyes on the man.

Posted by: T at September 20, 2008 2:52 PM

Ok you know what i am sick of all this crap... to clarify... whoever amy is get a freaking life... my dad dosen't even know who the hell you are... so get off his jock... and stop talking crap about rosalba she is a sweet woman and at least she isn't crazy going around posting all these psychotic messages on every board she can find. you need some serious intense therapy... he dosent use people and believe me he takes care of both of his kids...

Posted by: dontworryaboutit at October 10, 2008 11:02 PM

OK, well I just read all these posts with various opinions and I'm honestly confused and unsure what to believe. Daniel Sunjata is a wonderful actor onstage and screen so it's quite possible that he may be the jackass some of you are portraying them to be. I've never met, dated, had sex, or any other person to person encounter with him so I can't say he is or isn't a creep with two kids and sleeps arounds and steals or whatever. If he has in fact done this to you, God's gonna take care of him, believe that. Karma's a BIG b^tch. If you are on here lying about him because he either dated you and moved on for legitimate reasons or you never even met him, then you're pathetic and need to find a life. Also, if you have TANGIBLE, IRREFUTABLE, UNDENIABLE, SO-REAL-THERE'S-NO-WAY-IT'S-A-LIE proof, go public with it.If he stole from you, call the cops. If you have his baby, sue him for support. Otherwise, let it go and find a hobby.

Posted by: cheryl at November 16, 2008 10:18 PM

How curious to stumble upon all this nonsense! I personally never even believe the claims I find on the back of vitamin containers, let alone the insanity found on post boards like this. So I don't care if the following claim is believed or not but for the sake of "fair and balanced blogging" : I know exactly 3 people who work (and in one case used to work) on the set of Rescue Me. They have different opinions about Daniel's 9/11 views, but are all in agreement that he is a great guy and an authentic human being who is noted for being down to earth and kind and personable and who is nothing at all like the character he plays on the show. I never heard them relate even a single negative anecdote about this man or anyone else in the cast (except one lol). So I echo the words of Cheryl above, unless you have some kind of real and tangible proof of this stuff then go find a hobby besides whining to strangers in cyberspace. Three choices...Call the cops, sue him, or be silent. Bye all.

Posted by: Gail at December 13, 2008 1:48 PM

Daniel Sunjata you are my dream lover and the best actor on the planet. We have common friends (does Sugar Shack ring a bell?=^) And by the way, none of them have ever said an unkind word about you and think very highly of your patriot courage. Go boy!! You are headed for the top. Maybe you'll have my baby before you get there! Haha. Sigh....

Posted by: quietstorms at December 15, 2008 10:32 AM

Daniel Sunjata is the worst. I didn't believe it until I had my own encounter with him. I think there's just too much negativity to be a coincidence. I was a fan of Danny's and then I ran into him at an industry event in LA. He began texting anc calling me like crazy and we did have a brief relationship until BINGO he changed his number! Like the other poster said. He never mentioned having a girlfriend during our relationship was sexual. I have since found out he has one and lives with her. Gross! Daniel Sunjata is everything the other posters say and more. I would be ashamed if I was him. he's very unimpressive and really Daniel Sunjata is a jerk! Say what you will this is my story. And btw the flattering comments if you check the IP on the posts are actually Daniel Sunjata himself. Just ask the moderator and compare them to the e=mail posts he put up at his yahoo group. So stupid that man. Glad I washed him out of my hair for good.

Posted by: NLAGRL at January 16, 2009 7:17 PM

I feel bad that his daughter had to read this site if that is really her. You can't choose your parents. I don't want to say anything bad about his girlfriend, that is so unnecessary obviously she doesn't know what he's up to Tom Catting around. Or maybe she's turning a blind eye. I feel bad I was a woman who did sleep with him. I feel bad that I fell for it and I am sorry I found out it wasn't just me.

Posted by: Oceana1 at February 5, 2009 11:14 PM

You people are delusional. Daniel is great man, a talented actor, and a credit to this country. I've known him for years and none of these obscure reports are true. God don't like ugly, so stop tellin lies and attempting to spread rumors. Its so pathetic.

Posted by: gr23-shanXL at February 13, 2009 6:28 AM

maybe he did date a few women and didn't treat them right. that's why i would never date a actor,rapper or anybody in that type of business.

Posted by: veronica at April 8, 2009 6:23 PM

he use to be one of my favorite actor at the moment. but now reading these blogs i don't think i like him anymore.

Posted by: platinum at April 9, 2009 7:50 PM

Mistreats them HOW?

Maybe he did. Maybe he didnt...

Who knows for sure? Only Daniel and his lady know what really goes on behind the scenes ( If he has one I don't know)

I am in a similar situation, I have this guy whom I consider to be my very best friend, I adore him, and I think he digs me too, However he knows he isn't good for me..He doesn't trust himself.

He knows that I would never tolerate any disrespect from anyone.

I think this guy I know, feels something for me, but is AFRAID.

He doesn't trust himself to be with me because he feels sooner or later he may diss me, and I would leave him..Kind of like a double edge sword...He digs me, respects me, but he is afraid to pursue me, because sooner or later he feels he will mess up, and I would leave him, thus braking his tender heart...The solution is this..If u are involved with a guy who is prone to "acting out" on occasion, (I'm talking strictly about moodiness, not ABUSE, Ass whoopings or cheating)..

If he gets into his "funk' just leave him be for a bit and let him cool off.....he will appreciate that u didn't rag on him and when he feels his lil funky mood has passed, then you can interact again....I dont know anything about Daniel's personal life...All I know is that he is a great talent,a wonderful friend,very creative, and a humble, sweet, sensitive man.

Sidenote: It isn't only actors ,rappers and "show biz peeps" who are known to diss the ladies..This happens to "regular folk" too. If a man truly loves, trusts, and respects his lady, it doesn't matter who else he can get, he will adore HER, cherish her ,respect her, and move the world for her, regardless if he is an actor rapper etc...

If a guy cant trust himself to maintain a healthy love relationship, maybe they should just remain wonderful close loving friends instead of trying to make a romantic relationship out of it.Or they can proceed with caution and take it slow to see where it goes...But as soon as that dark cloud hits...run and take cover, leave him alone until the storm passes...
u know after a good "thunderstorm" the sun does shine once again...The rainbow even comes out : )

Good with the bad..Dark with the light...How can u appreciate all the sweet without a lil taste of bitter?

Thoughts? comments?

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 9, 2009 10:38 PM

well all i know is it's sad to be mistreated and it is no excuse to treat somebody badly.if you are a good person you should be up front and tell the person. so you can have good karma! thanks.

Posted by: platinum at April 10, 2009 10:36 AM

Part 2

If they recognize that perhaps they have an issue, they need to address it, (Ask themselves WHY they do it in the first place) and FIX it...

Simple and to the point.
No one is judging here. No one is perfect. I respect anyone who acknowledges wrong doing and proceeds to fix the situation. Sometimes people are just born different..creative, with a higher level of conciousness and they feel more emotion...See things others are blind to.....feel things that others CANT, This isnt a monster ,,,this is an individual that has a great gift, a very creative soul, an artist,,,, but is sometimes prone to moodiness and takes their"frustration out on others"..

.When this happens best thing for a lady to do is walk away for a bit ( NOT ABANDDONMENT) Make sure you tell him,how much u love him ,respect him, appreciate him , what a wonderfal man he is, and how happy he makes you, then let him get this "mojo" back together...Let him cool off ,,,maybe go punch trhe bag at the gym...Then when he has collected himself and simmered down all is good again... :) Never try to CHANGE your man..Love him and cherish him for what he is... The secret is to learn about him and "forsee" his needs so you can have a healthy loving relationship. Hope this helps : )
reply edit reblog flag

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 10, 2009 3:12 PM

This post isn't intented for Daniel Sunjata..I know nothing of the mans personal life , and it isn't directed towards him in any way..it is advise for ANY male or female

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 10, 2009 6:20 PM

Then again Platinum,

Guys will treat their ladies like crap, DELIBRATELY

So the "dumb arse" woman will TAKE A HINT, gather her pride and LEAVE them. alone....


Posted by: enigma1964 at April 12, 2009 3:19 PM

Emm.. Are you encouraging my competition intentions Fresh joke! What makes a bowling alley so quiet? You can hear a pin drop.

Posted by: lorrievun at April 12, 2009 5:49 PM

Steeee-rrriikkk-eeeeee STRIKE! *I love bowling*

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 12, 2009 9:13 PM

Lets move on peeps shall we?

This mess has been going around about Daniel for years. Leave him alone to live his life in peace.
More important things to worry about in this scary world other than Daniels personal business.

What he does in his personal life is his business.


Posted by: enigma1964 at April 12, 2009 9:26 PM

Hi, all
I'm shocked of all the comments about daniel, I thought I was the only one having to live the emotional pain. I have been living with this horrible feeling for a long time without being able to get closure because of this man. Looking at the post gives me a sense letting the truth out and relief in some way. Daniel and I dated for about a year till I found out the gruesome truth of his cruel,and unloving nature. It creeps me out that in the public eye the man plays to be someone of truth, dedication, advocacy, and "realness". I fell for the guy that the public loves and adore. I also fell into a depression for months after finding and speaking to Rosalba myself on the telephone. At the time I had just turn 21 and didn't think that a man like the charismatic Daniel could lay you down say I love you passionately and be lying! He would say come to chicago and meet my dad etc, come stay in my hotel while I film, have deep conversations about him being adopted, his two daughters etc. I thought we had a deep connection. It's def a part of my life that I wish I could erase but then again it made me a stronger and a wiser woman. I feel bad for rosabla though; his long time girl. when I spoke with her she exclaimed "you are talking about my man", and that she walks the red carpet with him. I thought to myself wow thats all Daniel has to offer her. ( when speaking with her she valued the red carpet events as though it was a grand investment) Rosalba and Daniel don't even live together, she has no ring on her finger and they've been together since before his debut on the play "Take me Out". Thats about seven years. I can't believe she stands for that in this day and age. (take control and value yourself) I also found out he has many girls one basically for everyday of the week! Oh god I'm glad I got out of it when I discovered his ugly being. Though I still have a battle scar.
BTW this is the truth just in case if you just met the man and are trying to find out the truth about who he really is...
Too lighten the situation he has tons of wrinkle cream on his bathroom sink, derma blend, strivecten anti-aging you name it, its like straight up sephora in the bathroom. Thats as much laugh I can get.

Posted by: from the center at April 12, 2009 11:43 PM

*WOW* I guess he can use a really good friend then huh?

Perhaps he needs to be held, and solaced for a while until his "demons" subside....

Too bad, cuz there is more to life than the bloody red carpet, events, and all that other phony azz, shytt that goes with that lifestyle...What about the human spirit? What about internal struggle and perhaps internal suffering...Maybe this is true,

Maybe it isnt..If it is, then YES he needs a strong friend who can handle him and understand him when he is at his worst...Under all that bad..there has to be some GOOD.

If these post are to be true...Who knows,,,,

I'll say again LEAVE HIM ALONE...I'm sure he has enough pressures in his profession..Who the hell are u to judge this man..Only god is allowed to do THAT.

Why not cherish the GOOD traits instead of focusing on the BAD.Who know why people do what they do..Perhaps they may not even know why..or understand why they do what they do...That in itself may scare the mess out of people.

Give peace a chance, K?

Shame on u.

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 13, 2009 3:12 PM

Nope. Sunjata needs no hugs as far as I can tell. He seems well adjusted, kind, warm hearted, and gentile to us on set. My associates on the east coast say nothing but fantastic things about him and the only time there is ever any negativity associated with the man seems to be in cyberspace on 5 year old blogs like this one. i think the lost soul posting as "from the center" is just some pathetic jilted old flame making up stories to vent her sexual frustration. Big deal, what's new? If this were even partly true it would be all over some main stream gossip platform and not relegated to obscure sites like this one. I am confident none of it is true. But it is sure good for a laugh. Not at Daniel, mind you; but rather at this desperate young lady who can't stop lusting after the one that apparently got away. I suggest she go lick her wounds elsewhere, read a self help book, and volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. Anything but type lies into the vacume of cyberspace. I am quite sure the man is not stressing any of this drivel in the slightest. He seems too busy with more important things, in my opinion. Ciao!

Posted by: Torrent at April 14, 2009 4:29 AM

Seems like Center wishes she was the one walking the red carpet instead of giving up her red carpet like a dummy =^D oops too late!

Posted by: ShawtyLow at April 14, 2009 4:40 AM

*ROAR*...LOL! @ ShawtyLow !

Sorry folks , that reply about the "red carpet"that was funny! Funny but TRUE

Keepin it real.

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 14, 2009 8:30 PM

Too much information about an actor’s life breaks the ability for the viewer to believe the character the actor is playing. Daniel Sunjata is one of those actors I wish I knew less about.

He’s one of the stars of the hit show “Rescue Me,” and after reading of his beliefs that 9/11 was an inside job, I find it difficult to see his character Franco, as real. Good thing for him the producers decided to write his conspiracy theories and tom catting ways into the show so now his acting won’t be a stretch. In fact it won’t be an act at all; it’ll be his truth, which leaves me seeing just another vapid Hollywood actor looking to push the envelope of their stupidity instead of minding to their craft.

Two of the greatest actors of our time, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Daniel Day Lewis are the sort of actors that truly let me enjoy their work because I know next to nothing about who they are as people. And I don’t want to know about them, I just want to experience the joy of their craft.

Daniel Sunjata has been quoted as saying “There’s alternative theories about what really happened on 9/11,” he told TV critics in January. “They’re not discussed a lot in the press … I’m really gratified that they allowed that to be focused through my character, because I happen to subscribe to a lot of those theories and beliefs that 9/11 was an inside job.” Daniel, they’re not discussed, because they are founded on nothing but strong speculation, and if you endorse the idea that strong speculation is all we need to beleive horrible truths, then these rampant posts circulating about your personal life must be based on some truth aswell.

You need only Google Daniel Sunjata 9/11 to read more of Daniel’s inane beliefs.

I’m all for TV producers taking sensitive topics like 9/11 and putting them into storylines. I’m even for actors speaking up if they feel the need, (and we all know actors have lots of needs) but it wrecks their credibility as an artist hired to recreate a life other than their own.

When I know too much about an actor’s life or beliefs, whether it be their religion, their politics, what recovery group they presently attend, who they’re sleeping with or their need to believe that the US is evil, I find it difficult to see the character they’re hoping to create.

Daniel believes 9/11 was set in motion by the US so as to move the world into some sort of “One World Government,” well if that’s the case, then it’s up to his man Obama to now carry that torch around the world for him. It’s disappointing that TV producers gleefully put these sorts of storylines into shows, but won’t deal with storylines such as the thousands of people with AIDS in Africa or the wounded Veterans.

So Daniel, let me just put all your 9/11 conspiracies and the Iraq war to rest right now.

If the US Government could bring down the twin towers and kill 3000 US citizens in a single day without anyone coming forward as a whistle blower, don’t you think they could have planted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for us to find?

Good luck with your "acting" career.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 19, 2009 9:46 PM

BTW... You people need to give Daniel respect for his brilliant acting job on Rescue Me.

His performance was rock solid, and passion filled. I am SO glad Tolan and Leary decided to let him speak out on 9/11.

Hope he receives an Emmy nomination for his work.

*It is LONG overdue*. U go baby boy. Chi town loves you,misses, u and is *so proud* of you.

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 22, 2009 11:08 PM

i think it is funny that people always attack concerned citizens who have the audacity to ask questions about what the government has or has not done. Isn't this a country founded on dissent? Were not the founding fathers fleeing from colonial oppression when we came to this country? Doesn't dissent protect democracy? It seems though that we live in a climate of suppressed dissent and that the "citizens" (read "sheep") police themselves when uncomfortable questions are posed. It seems these sheeple think that unquestioning support of one's government is somehow "patriotic."

Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, Cotilliard, Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura have all been attacked NOT on the basis of what they said but on the basis of who they are and things they have done in their past. Or because presumably entertainers and artists are not supposed to open their mouths to speak about real issues. Meanwhile their questions and WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAID have gone largely unaddressed. It's not as if these celebs came up with the idea on their own that 9/11 was an inside job. No. They got their research and their questions from looking at the statements of scientists like Lynn Margaulis (National Medal Of Science Recipient), James Quintiere Ph.D. (former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division), FBI whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds, physicists like Professor Steven Jones (who has published PEER REVIEWED PAPERS ON THE PROOF OF CONTROLLED DEMOLITION OF WTC 1/2/&7 USING THERMATE), architects like Richard Gage (AE911truth.org), CIA insiders like William Christison (a 29 year vet and former Station Chief), Congressmen like Curt Weldon, military personnel like Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Lt. Col. Robert Bowman Ph.D. (former Director of Advanced Space Programs for the U.S. Air Force), former United States President Jimmy Carter, and hundreds of highly qualified others like those listed at www.patriotsquestion911.com. So I'm sorry but minimizing with comments like "Are you really going to take your political ques from a LESBIAN, or a POT SMOKING MUSICIAN, or a PHILANDERING PLAYBOY ACTOR WITH A HISTORY OF DRUG USE??!!" just won't cut it. These are obvious diversionary responses from people who are either threatened by such assertions or who are uneducated on the topic. Only an idiot would disregard the opinions of such highly qualified and erudite critics, out of pocket, without closely examining their actual and factual claims.

In fact now that Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy has officially introduced a proposal to investigate the Bush administration for WAR-CRIMES and violations of Constitutional law, it stands to reason that 9/11 should also be properly looked into once and for all. With the swirling cloud of criminal accusations regarding torture, illegal wiretapping, and subversion of the Constitution, and taking into consideration the claims and statements and research of the EXPERTS (note I did not say the ENTERTAINERS) who publicly doubt the official theory of conspiracy regarding 9/11, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to see the plausible connections between 9/11 and everything that has followed on its heels (though apparently it DOES take rocket scientists to see and state this obvious implication). Clearly this should be part of any investigation into the alleged criminality of the previous administration.

Celebs like Sunjata may not be experts but at least they are using their fame and visibility to direct some much needed attention to those whose expertise and informed criticisms have been largely ignored now for years, in spite of convincing arguments and troubling forensic and circumstantial evidence that flatly contradicts the official conspiracy theory. So to any and all artists like Sheen, Sunjata, and the rest who use their visibility and voice on behalf of justice and accountability and peace, I say thank you for your courage and integrity. Thank you for exposing yourself to irrelevant ridicule and for risking your careers in the cause of truth and freedom. Humanity owes you and everyone like you a huge debt of gratitude. Stay bold.

Posted by: Phil Anthropy at April 28, 2009 11:29 PM

Bravo to "Phil Anthropy"

Uhh Ya.. The government lies...All the time...

Now I'll say these 3 little words..Swine flu epidemic....


Peeps its time to wake up and smell the coffee...

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 28, 2009 11:44 PM

"Are you really going to take your political ques from a LESBIAN, or a POT SMOKING MUSICIAN, or a PHILANDERING PLAYBOY ACTOR WITH A HISTORY OF DRUG USE??!!" just won't cut it.

A Lesbian? SO WHAT...

Pot smoking musician? Maybe that is where he draws his creativity...Maybe he is a stressful, hyper,high strung,person and that is the only thing that helps him take the "edge off"..

Philandering Playboy with a history of drug use?

If he is single SO WHAT, He has alot of girls he dates. If the girls are a willing party to his "playa" ways, then whatever..Where is the crime? If he ISNT single, and dislikes his behavior HE CAN STOP the sleeping around and the dabbling in the drugs..IF THIS IS TRUE. If it is true, he can recognize the problem and STOP..No one on this planet can judge another person...There might be alot going on the under the surface, and that doesnt make someone an unlovable piece of rubbish! Human beings help and love one another not disregard them like yesterdays trash..THERE is always light at the end of the tunnel..ALWAYS! Illegal subsatnces are not nessesary to heal pain.there is always an alternative..ALWAYS!

People use illegal substances to mask the pain, and self medicate. They are not monsters and there is HELP out there and people who love them and will STAY WITH THEM if they HELP THEMSELVES..Is it an easy road to travel *NO*..Are they worth it? *YES* Absolutely, *NO DOUBT* Who said life was EASY? It isn't! it is MESSY.

These actors/musicians/activists ARE brave and risking their necks to make a difference! There can be alot at risk here, yet they feel a heroic duty to stand up and make people take notice and recognize! Therefore they shouln't be harrassed or ridiculed for their life choices or lifestyles..Give them some respect..They deserve it..They are talented, have families and everyday problems like everyone else, but they have a lot more to lose than us regular folk by speaking out.

Please remember that when u come on here slamming and dissing them for trying to make YOUR world a better place. Someones "alternative lifestyle" or dating habits have nothing to do with what these people are trying to accomplish!

Posted by: enigma1964 at April 29, 2009 5:54 PM

I don't know Daniel, but he's gorgeous, rich, young and single. How else would you expect him to act? He's no worse or no better than any other Hollywood type, in my opinion.

I've read some of his posts, and although some are pedantic, he seems like an intelligent man.

I adore him. I have my TiVo programmed to record anything he's in. I could do some thangs with Danny. YUM!

Posted by: nathalie at May 21, 2009 1:21 PM

LOL @ Nathalie! Welllll It's about time that someone is co- signing with me on Daniel! :)

I get so tired of the negativity posted here on this board! All men ( not just Daniel) will play the field and date around unitl they feel they are ready, in their own time, to stop being single..They may never settle down..This is up to the man..Personal dating habits aside, He IS one talented, suave, debonair,elegant, sophisticated, man.. The way he carries himself is Old Hollywood (Think Sidney Poitier)In real time, I'm sure he is astute, a classic film buff ( actually ALL FILMS) can hold a gr8 conversation, and is a hopeless romantic..His career is about to take off big time, Then all of these haters here will see that he isnt just a pretty face !(THOSE LIPS! THOSE SOULFUL BEAUTIFUL EYES! THAT TALENT! THAT BRAIN !THAT CREATVIE MIND! HOT DAMN!) The gal that is the keeper of those bee stung lips is one lucky lady! *roar*

His performance in "Lie to me" was magnificent . *Diabolical*';- shall we say?? "Ghosts" was impressive as well..Perhaps one day he will also dabble in producing ...

One thing about Daniel is that he can play so many different characters and is a very diverse and multi faceted actor.

Be well, be blessed, Nathalie! Keep being a wonderful cheerleader for Daniel! I'm sure he will love the fact that u are supporting him and his career! He does take the time out of his busy schedule to appreciate fans and give back! No wonder so many gals are enthralled with this darling man!


Posted by: enigma1964 at May 21, 2009 5:54 PM

Part 2 Re : Nathalie
I believe Daniel's postings are very informative, I applaud him for speaking up and having a mind and opinion of his own..Pedantic? *LOL* Well perhaps a bit..BUT...He is well educated and informed about a plethora of subjects.. Actually I like him that way!That falls under the umbrella of sophistication and dignity...;)

A fella that dots the "i" and crosses the "t" is alright in my book!


He is a well rounded ,intelligent individual who can hold a conversation...Yes he is a logical thinker, a serious person, he is focused and ambitious, but he has humorous side as well..A a gr8 creative storyteller and he is quite funny! This is why he should write and produce his own films..

Daniel IS successful, and by being successful, this does allot him a wonderful lifestyle, but even if he wasn't "rich" he is still an amazing darling man..

Infact, the man is "RICH" in love, intelligence,talent,frienship and creativity..Just an all round gr8 man despite a flaw here and there...LOL! Hey keepin it real!

Posted by: enigma1964 at May 21, 2009 7:59 PM

I don't actually think he's single. He has a girlfriend who goes to his events with him. Google it. I think the person was implying he's NOT single and carrying on this way being a douche. Regardless, I think actors should stick to acting. Especially if their own intergrity is in question. Why should they be cramming some conspiracy theory down our throats when clearly he hasn't cleaned up his own emotional baggage.

Posted by: Sally Anne at May 22, 2009 1:00 AM

Woah. I used to think Daniel was pretty good looking but after reading all this I have a feeling I know his type. He may have money but he's still ghetto. Lots of kids with different baby's mamas and just sleeping with whatever on his woman. No thank you.

Posted by: Candace at May 22, 2009 1:09 AM

Well Candace you better think twice before making your judgement based on this or any other blog. Unless you prefer to just believe everything you read? I have seen lots of other posts about Sunjata that reflect quite well on him, so who can say? One thing is for certain, he is one hell of a performer! I predict many awards in his future. Time tells all.

Posted by: GiGi at May 25, 2009 8:11 PM

wow, ok, so I cant believe I'm doing this but I was so intrigued by this guy and googled him. I cant beleive so many negative posting have been made about this guy. I dont know what to make of it, but I can tell you this, he goes to my gym and works out hard. yes it appears as though he likes attention and I catch him looking at himself a few times but then again who doesnt at the gym. No real feedback here, maybe I'll chat him up one day.

Posted by: Intrigued at June 5, 2009 12:07 PM


Wow that's all I can say. First off, let me just say that the folks that are writing the nasty stuff about this man who probably never has and never WILL meet any of them, needs meds ASAP. Second it's HEFER not HIFFER soooo since five or six of the broads that had "relationships" with this guy ALL seem to NOT realize that the word is HEFFER I'm gonna go ahead out on a limb and say maybe, now I could be crazy, but just MAYBE all of those posts are by the same crazy lady? I dunno, just a guess. And to all the people that think Daniel Sunjata is actually checking these blog spots and defending himself, YOU all need meds too. WOW! I'm STILL shocked at the amount of time people put into dissing a guy who doesn't even know you're alive. And not for nothing, I don't care what people write he is still one sexy man so there, I said it, call me a Hiffer HAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by: Avery at June 15, 2009 11:06 AM

Works out at your gym? That means we work out at the SAME GYM because I seen him there 2. He spoke to me once when I wanted to use the machine he was on. Very nice fellow. I never noticed him seeking attention though. He just works hard and leaves. AND I know alooot of people @ our gym and he never tried no stuff like they say here so it must be lies. He look humble, down to earth, and shy if anything. But who know? Maybe he is a party animal! hahahaha But I bet he is just a great actor and a normal person who works out at a normal gym like us normal peeps. That's all I guess.

Posted by: AlsoIntrigued at June 23, 2009 3:26 AM

I read this guy is trying to get money for sick 911 responders. That's mad cool. I'm gonna start looking for him now but haven't seen Rescue Me yet. It's good?

Posted by: C$$$ at June 23, 2009 9:58 AM

I met this dude. He was maaaaaaad cool. Gave my sister and her husband 5 minutes of his time and was nice to take pictures and sign an autograph. I didn't know who he was at the time but my sister has a crush on him (but she LOVES HER HUSBAND!!) and so I googled him and started watching Rescue Me. Yeah he is handsome and all that but I think actually he is a really really good actor. Also saw him in Lie2Me and I was really really impressed by the skills. Most impressive though is his work for first responders and 9/11. So he has conviction and courage to top it all off and if you ever read that essay he wrote you see he is mad intelligent as well. It is about 9/11 and the media and is called "Intellectual Honesty Please" or something similar to that. Anyway, it was very well said and put together. So if he gets some random poon on the side who really cares other than the dumb girls who give up the snaps just because he is famous and fine? hahahahahahaha Many good people have a dark side. In fact all of us do. But when you are famous it gets put on blast so people love to judge you then I think cause it makes us feel better about our own BS. Just my theory. Anyway lots of artists are gifted, praiseworthy, and f@$ked up at the same time so I wouldn't be suprised. All I can say is he was kind to my sister so I am a fan. PEACE!!!!

Posted by: LT at June 25, 2009 9:34 AM

1) Rescue Me is good. Very good actually.
2)He is very good as Franco on the show absolutely
3)Will everybody please stop using "mad" as slang? It sucks and sounds stupid. It sounds mAAAaaaAAAaAaAaAAAd stupid LOL serious!
4)Yeas I saw 1st responder and 911 on his wiki page. obiously you all have seen it as well. cool beans.

Posted by: roswell at June 26, 2009 2:18 AM

My girlfriend is in love with this guy. I don't think he's cute (like Austrailian men myself), but he's a good performer. And Leary is a flippin genius with the writing on Rescue Me imo. Bye peeps!

Posted by: kelliC. at June 26, 2009 9:31 PM

You guys mentioned Daniel SUnjata's essay on 911 and the media. Well here it is! Spread it far and wide. VERITAS!
Intellectual Dishonesty In The Age Of Universal Deceit:
a message to the corporate media and our elected officials.

By Daniel Sunjata - May 4, 2009 - www.911blogger.com

"The inert masses are mentally and spiritually ill equipped to deal with reality, so they block it out of their minds - aided of course, by the corporate media and the propaganda apparatus of the government itself. This is why fantasy is frequently substituted for reality, plutocracy is mistaken for democracy, and the majority of the people do not know the difference. Millions of good people thus refuse to allow into their psyche the suffering and misery that U.S. policies have produced and exported to the world, even as that reality is closing in upon them." - Charles Sullivan

"They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality...and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening." - George Orwell, 1984

“Article XXXIV OBSTRUCTION OF INVESTIGATION INTO THE ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001” - From the 35 articles of impeachment introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on 06/09/08 in H.Res. 1258 by Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The list is not a short one. It includes professors, architects, aerospace and aviation professionals, structural/mechanical/& aeronautical engineers, demolition experts, firefighters and other first responders, scientists, theologians, senior members of both the military and intelligence communities, Republican administration appointees, state department veterans, and other government officials from the United States and abroad; credible experts of impeccable pedigree with impressive track records from relevant fields of expertise, whose coolly rational intellects are not easily given to an unfounded belief in outlandish, unsubstantiated, or unverifiable claims. Individuals such as these are numbered among the ranks of skeptics and critics of the official theory of conspiracy regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Some pose questions, others draw conclusions, still others (like Congressman Kucinich) go so far as to level accusations and to substantiate them with evidence.

Organizations like Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth (MP911truth.org), Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (AE911Truth.org), Lawyers for 911 Truth (L911T.com), The Journal of 9/11 Studies (journalof911studies.com), Pilots for 911 Truth (PilotsFor911Truth.org), Fire Fighters for 911 Truth (FireFightersFor911Truth.org), and Veterans for 911 Truth (V911T.org), have posted carefully crafted signing statements for all the world to see, and online petitions calling for a new and independent investigation with power of subpoena. Their unanswered questions, the consequent implications that arise, and the fundamental inadequacies they point out in the official reports issued by FEMA, NIST, and the now infamous 9/11 Commission are disturbing to say the very least. Even more disturbing, however, is the corporate media’s revolving door of silence and violence with which those who pose such questions have been greeted. In most cases they are completely ignored, and what might otherwise be front-page news goes virtually unreported. Feigned and transparently disingenuous gestures aimed at affecting the appearance of fair and balanced news coverage occasionally result in an arguably credible expert being granted an interview only to be condescended to, constantly interrupted, shouted down, and verbally abused in the process. Examples abound. Thus, in spite of having shouted their findings from the proverbial rooftops for years, and in spite of such notorious historical precedents as the now declassified Operation Northwoods, there has yet to be any substantive debate, journalistically integrous investigation, or scrutinous inquiry by the establishment or its media into the claim that 9/11 bears all the hallmarks of a complex covert operation of state intelligence; false flag terror; an inside job.

This is not to say, however, that the issue has gone entirely unaddressed by mainstream sources. Hand in hand with the marginalization of informed dissent and deep concern expressed by qualified skeptics like Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman, PhD (Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter), Paul Craig Roberts (Assistant Sect. Of Treasury under Pres. Reagan), Lynn Margulis (National Medal of Science recipient), James Quintiere (former Chief of NISTs Fire Science Division), Commander Ralph Kolstad, U.S. Navy (retired fighter pilot and Topgun Air Combat Instructor), and Sibel Edmonds (former FBI translator specializing in counter-terror, and gag-ordered whistleblower) is the corporate media’s rabid eagerness to confront, shame, condemn, and discredit celebrities and other citizens who have tried to draw public attention to the same issue. Marion Cotilliard, Martin and Charlie Sheen, Rosie O’Donnell, Ed Asner, Willie Nelson, and former Governor Jesse Ventura among many others, have uniformly fallen under swift and venomous attack upon questioning the official theory of conspiracy, and for daring to utter the blasphemous assertion (recently echoed in sentiments expressed by Melissa Rossi in her recent Huffington Post article titled ‘Obama: Reopen The 911 Investigation’) that a new investigation is warranted given the innumerable inconsistencies, omissions, and outright distortions that permeate the aforementioned "official" reports.

Unfairly attacked based not upon the substance of the arguments they have advanced, but rather upon the basis of inane irrelevancies related to their private lives and public personas, they have been dismissed out of pocket as paranoid conspiracy fanatics, drug addicts, Nazis, and narcissists who should stick to playing their position as entertainers and leave the thinking up to the grown-ups when it comes to things they could not possibly understand. This is the classic ad hominem approach - to dismiss the source as a means to dismissing the message. Consequently, nothing of what they have actually said has been given its due diligence by our supposedly free press. Even though their questions and conclusions rest upon broad-shouldered analysis, expert testimony, diligent research, peer reviewed scientific studies (most notably that of Danish scientist Niels Harrit, whose findings on undetonated nano-thermite explosive residues found in WTC dust samples can be read online in The Open Chemical Physics Journal), and a preponderance of other damning forensic and circumstantial evidence, such prominent skeptics have been greeted with outright hostility and the most virulent brands of journalistic irresponsibility and intellectual dishonesty. This in fact is anti-journalism; the exact opposite of what one would expect to find in a society aspiring to exemplify the democratic ideal. If I didn’t know any better, I might think that such tactics were being employed just to shut these experts and celebrities up, and to keep the general public from paying them any mind. I might think that childish insults, character assassination, reductionist clichés, insipid platitudes, necessary illusions and emotionally potent oversimplifications had taken the place of journalistic integrity, objective scrutiny, and investigative rigor.

For instance, when Joe Scarborough covers a story about a 9/11 demonstrator being arrested during an appearance by Bill Clinton in Corpus Christi, and he and his MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ co-hosts utter things like “Where is the taser? Tase him!” and “Led away in handcuffs…hopefully taken to one of those secret prisons in Eastern Europe and never to be heard from again. I hope we have a special prison for 9/11 conspiracy theorists” it is quite difficult to grant them high scores for anything other than spewing fascistic rhetoric. Similarly only willful ignorance or a deliberate contempt for accuracy and logic can explain Glen Beck’s lumping together of Congressmen, law abiding citizens, highly decorated military personnel, prominent artists, and CIA veterans with violent radicals, in sweeping statements such as his ridiculous contention that 9/11 activists are “insane, dangerous anarchists” who comprise “"the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from." It is an easily verifiable fact that in the thousands of 9/11 protests that have taken place since 2001, not a single individual has ever been arrested for violent conduct or convicted of a violent crime. It is also, shall we say, less than candid to assert that a movement whose implicit moral imperative arises from a desire to protect constitutional integrity could in any way be considered anarchistic in nature. Also, in one of the most irresponsible acts of journalism on record, Geraldo Rivera conflated the notoriously non-violent 9/11 activist community with terrorists in the following statement he made on FOX News Channel’s ‘FOX and Friends’ program while covering the 03/08 Times Square Bombing of a US Armed Forces recruiting station:

"I think that this bomber isn't Al Qaeda, isn't anything like that... He's more like those '9/11 was an inside job' kind of guys... Protesting in a violent way, but in a violent way almost like the eco-terrorists... where they don't intend to inflict casualties."

The most egregious examples of this type of filth masquerading as responsible news commentary can perhaps be found emanating from the twisted and blusterous mouth of Bill O’Reilly. When the story broke that Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was set to finance the distribution of ‘Loose Change 911’ (the most downloaded documentary in internet history) with Charlie Sheen set to narrate, O’Reilly (conceding his hypocrisy by admitting to not having seen the film or looked at the evidence) responded by unleashing a blitzkrieg of idiotic non-sequiturs, calculated ambiguities, and thinly veiled threats. After an erroneous and lame attempt to dismiss and discredit 9/11 Truth as “lunacy” from the “far-left fringe” (the movement transcends both liberality and conservatism alike, is a mainstream phenomenon, and its basic premise is in fact eminently sane), he compounded his ignorance by comparing 9/11-dissent to Nazi propaganda and holocaust denial. Like…dude…SERIOUSLY?! It is the very height of disingenuity to suggest that by demanding truth and accountability one is somehow offending and dishonoring the victims or their families, when the only way to honor them is by finding out the truth and holding the guilty parties responsible for their crimes. It would be more apt to compare Nazi propagandists and holocaust deniers to an administration that skewed intelligence about Iraq in order to fear-monger the American people into supporting the doctrine of preemption, while evading the initiation of any official inquiry into the most catastrophic day in our nations history, for 441 days. Either O’Reilly didn’t know or he didn’t care to know that Bill Doyle, founder of World Trade Center United Family Group (one of the largest 9/11 victims’ family organizations, comprised of over 7000 members from 2,573 families) believes that the government was complicit in the attacks. He has also publicly stated that at least half of his members harbor deep suspicions about what happened on 9/11 and why. Mr. Bill also saw fit to put Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen on notice, so to speak. Sounding not altogether unlike a mafia don threatening to issue a hit, O’Reilly states "this is a warning to Mark Cuban, who is distributing that film in a few weeks. This is a warning to you Bud, okay, you pull that movie or I'm gonna be your worst nightmare, because this is gonna lead to death." “We're looking out for you, Charlie Sheen. Don't do this. You're not going to come back from it, if you do…”

As I said, examples abound. Such pathetically transparent diversionary tactics smack of cowardice and a reluctance to engage the subject of 9/11 based upon the facts at hand, and have no place in the realm of professional journalism (or info-tainment as the case may be). This must cease. If we are to have any hope of change as a nation, then we must recognize that turning the page on one of the darkest chapters in American governmental history without having properly read it, would be a grave and disastrous error. Regardless of how inconvenient, uncomfortable, or outlandish the implications may at first appear, this subject demands to be substantively addressed, free of spin or bias, for neither it nor its advocates are going to just fade away. Only a ship of fools would blatantly disregard the opinions of such highly qualified and erudite critics as those listed on sites like patriotsquestion911.com without closely examining their actual and factual claims. Now that Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy has officially introduced a proposal to investigate the Bush administration for war-crimes and the subversion of Constitutional Law, it stands to reason that 9/11 should also be soberly looked into once and for all. Given the swirling cloud of criminal accusations and populist rage regarding the legalization of torture, the illegal wiretapping of American civilians (including the intentional targeting of journalists and intellectuals according to NSA whistleblower Russell Tice) as well as other allegations of treasonous conduct, and taking into consideration the claims, statements, and research of critical thinkers across a wide spectrum of expertise who publicly doubt the government’s official explanation, it shouldn't (although apparently it does) take a rocket scientist to see the disturbingly plausible connections between the inside job hypothesis and every Orwellian legislative and militaristic act for which 9/11 and its victims have been invoked as justification. Indeed the logic of context is fundamentally derailed by the prevailing ring-pass-not approach of investigating every area to which 9/11 is crucially relevant and intimately related, while treating the subject itself as sacrosanct. Clearly this should be part of any investigation into the alleged criminality of the previous administration; indeed it should be given priority. This above all else is President Obama’s litmus test of integrity and the quintessence of this nation’s hope for change. For if 9/11 was in fact an inside job, then it places all of the evils that flowed from and followed that event into vivid contextual focus. Bogus claims of executive privilege should offer no protection to those towards whom the preponderance of evidence points; chips fall where they may.

My own reasons for speaking out on this issue are fairly simple. I didn’t choose it; it chose me. Upon being hired to act the part of a post-9/11 NYC firefighter on Rescue Me, my research for the character led me to take a more objective look at what actually happened versus what we were told in the wake of the event. Nothing added up. No matter from which angle I approached 911, it invariably unraveled into contradictions and inconsistencies requiring the suspension of my logic and common sense in addition to several laws of physics. Slowly I came to the determination that I had no choice but to speak out, because (as Franco Rivera) I presume to represent the memories of the heroes who died that day, as well as the reality of the heroes who still mourn their loss. I work with these men; looking them daily in the eye. Therefore it is a citizen’s act of moral conscience and social responsibility, nothing more. To know or even to merely suspect, and yet remain silent, would be anti-American, unpatriotic, and tantamount to betrayal. Therefore this is no stunt on my part to gain publicity or to garner attention for myself by appearing edgy and controversial. Believe it or not, I rather covet my relative anonymity as a quasi-celebrity/working actor. I would much rather direct media and public attention to those most credible dissenting experts who have looked at and analyzed the facts (circumstantial as well as forensic) and found that they do not fit the government’s theory of conspiracy. People like Professor Emeritus David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage (AIA), Physics Professor Steven Jones (co-author of the above mentioned peer reviewed study proving that explosives were in fact used to implode the WTC towers as well as WTC 7), William Christison (former CIA Station Chief and Director of Regional and Political Analysis), Ray McGovern (27 year CIA vet., and former Chair of National Intelligence Estimates), Coleen Rowley (former F.B.I. Special Agent and Minneapolis Division Counsel), and Sibel Edmonds must be given fair and open forums on mainstream media platforms, as well as access to those with the power and responsibility to reopen the 9/11 investigation; or rather, to finally conduct one as the case may be. Until that happens we will not be silent. We will not go away. We will not submit.

Posted by: 911TRUTHNOW at June 27, 2009 2:03 PM

wow. dude should be a journalist instead.

Posted by: JackieO' at June 29, 2009 3:23 PM

Daniel Sunjata is the hottest man alive!!! Well, one of them. (*wink*) And if these stupid women give it up to him that easy, that's their fault! Hey! At least you got to do it with a sexy ass man and they weren't complaining that the sex was bad! lmao. Anyways...I love watching rescume me and PEOPLE!!! -->let him live his life! If he's a jerk...he's a jerk...its his life. He's STILL sucessful...you're NOT...so worry about yourself. Even if he is this way...until I meet him, face to face I will still be a fan of Daniel. He's sexy as fcuk! ;)

Posted by: at July 14, 2009 6:59 PM

Yo here is something else this man wrote. He is not playing around about this 911 thing I see!!

"Daniel Sunjata: Donate to NYC CAN: http://nyccan.org/donate.php

For years now, New Yorkers, Americans in general, and millions around the world have been plagued with deeply troubling questions about what really happened on September 11th, 2001. Let down and betrayed by the non-findings of the farcical 911 Commission and its white-washed "report", victim's family members and patriotic citizens have taken matters into their own hands by using the peaceful and democratic means of the New York State Constitution to resolve the issue.

The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) has filed a petition containing 52,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the creation of a New York City independent commission to begin an investigation with power of subpoena. Unlike the 9/11 Commission, this one will not simply support the least inconvenient conclusions using cherry picked evidentiary findings. Instead it will carefully examine ALL of the evidence, including that which suggests that explosive, controlled demolition was the true cause of the high-rise collapses witnessed that day.

This is a historic opportunity to make real progress towards accountability and justice in the single most relevant, unresolved event of modern times. It is an opportunity for REAL change, and it is one that America cannot afford to waste. In order to override City Council if the referendum is vetoed, NYC CAN needs only 20,000 more signatures, which would virtually ensure that the voice of the people not be muted or ignored in this matter. If NYC CAN gets these 20,000 signatures, the referendum WILL go on the ballot, and New York City will be able to vote for justice! Please donate now so that this new investigation can happen: http://nyccan.org/donate.php

If everyone reading this donates at least $10 (or the full amount they are able), NYC CAN will raise enough to not only collect the signatures, but also to launch a summer PR blitz that will make sure all of New York City will be watching if Mayor Bloomberg and City Council try to kill the effort.

We have never been this close to giving 9/11 Truth a real chance. This is your opportunity to alter the course of history. Seize it. Please donate now: http://nyccan.org/donate.php


Daniel Sunjata"

Posted by: Quinton at July 19, 2009 8:24 AM

I want to have kinky rough sex with Daniel Sunjata! No lie! ...the women who had sex with Daniel... Was it good with him??? :)

Posted by: Goldy at July 29, 2009 7:12 PM

What a tard! I worked as a PA on Rescue Me on season 3 and 4 and dude is wierd as fuck. The whole crew had bets on him being gay. Yes he and his boy Mike Lombardi also on the show, cruised girls on set constantly and D even coming to me once to request a background actress's phone number from her pay stub. He also was after an 18-year-old PA who was a good friend of mine so I saw it first hand. I also met his girlfriend at the premiere of the event so whatever I can attest to the fact he's a dick and a cheater.

Posted by: PA at July 29, 2009 10:33 PM

hilarious!!! everyone seems to work with, be working, have worked, and know all kinds of personal information about famous people like Sunjata. But none of them are famous! haha Haters amaze me. Must suck to have people lying about you and spreading blog rumors and things. Well I add my name to those who "claim to know" and what I claim to know is that none of the above is true. Daniel is and always has been a perfect gentleman. Treats his coworkers with respect and kindness. Is generous and smart. And would never do any of the foolishness he is being accused of here in cyberland. But whatever, you kiddies have fun spinning your tales. I'm pretty positive it isn't even on his radar as he is usually seems to be more concerned with things that are actually important in the world. nice articles posted above by the way. One thing i did not know is that he is such a good writer! Cool. peace out!

Posted by: DA at July 31, 2009 5:01 PM

Yeah its about that 911 truth my dawg. Check it. Big ups to Daniel.


Posted by: Yao at August 3, 2009 6:41 PM

What a strange line of posts to come across when I googled my old flame "DANIEL SUNJATA". I actually what I had as what I would describe as a fling with Danny a few years ago and wanted to see what he was up to . At the time he was filming Rescue Me, of course and The Bronx is Burning. I don't know whatall is true or false. I can say that he did a very strange thing which was he changed his phone numbers on me. Which always gets a girl suspicious. He also wound up having a girlfriend. The reason I know this/found this out is that while we were seeing one another multiple photos from the Rescue Me premiere showed up with the person described as Rosa Alba . So I can't say he was a perfect gentleman, in fact I found his behavior of changing his number after we'd been seeing eachother for months strange, rude, and calloused. I am married now and don't have time for Daniel bashing. I wish him the best and hey maybe even some therapy would help with all those strange issues he seems to have provoked women's hatred.

Posted by: V.S. at August 12, 2009 11:43 PM

The sex was okay, but he's a little too into himself for it to be really good.

Posted by: V.S. at August 12, 2009 11:45 PM

I think you chicas just love to hate the guy. I'm a fan of the acting personally. The rest doesn't matter. But the ladies posting and googling the old flames and whatnot probably should get some therapy to since it seems you all are so affected and still pining over the boy. None of this sounds quite right. There is too much venom for it to be as written and I believe you people got a ulterior motive to just bash him and hate on him cause he's successful and hot and IF (and that is a biiig IF) anyone here really met or knew the guy, he left you so get over your wounds already. That need to vent says you are still caught up if you ask me. That's weak.

Posted by: BSquared at August 14, 2009 10:12 PM

maybe these woman are'nt hating.maybe he's not the nicest guy to these woman that he was dating.he seems like he needs to work on his people skills a little more.that ain't right.

Posted by: sasha at August 29, 2009 6:41 PM

I- like many other of his outta town girls, am sitting on this site reading it with great dismay. Making the connection that indeed he's very well the culprit of elaborate deceiption and charmingly fabricated lies. He comes off as this guy who is very "down to earth" and what he calls of himself a real "charismatic" person who is just "innocently" trying to live as an influential actor with compassion for humanity. This may be true to some degree but on a more immediate note the boy loves to chase the outta town... (insert word of your choice here). We went out a couple times, had some light chemistry but the man kept insisting that he was so connected to me. How? I have no clue. He obviously wanted to get some juice from this fruit but lets just say for the miracle of google- I read all these posts first. I find it mildy pathetic and lightly endeering that this low profile actor has created such a terrible reputation for himself but yet is going through such great legnths to prove himself to be something of the exact opposite. Makes sense, being a figure of the public eye and evidently his number one fan; the need to defend his ego is pertinent. He's very well versed in the art of literal composition and has a very PROMINENT style of writing that makes himself easily distinguished. He makes alot of these " =^)" faces in his texts also he likes to capitalize things- adding effect to his "acclaimed" passion for you. Also be weary of "T-H-I-S" he writes like this too, from what I recall of our texts. Also to add- you should know he always punctualizes everything he writes. Good to know he has literary ettiquete-yet another social mask to fool you of his blemished demeanor.

Ah well, cycled into the convention of most humans damaged in some way-though concealing their social reflections. He probably has some serious issues, I dont doubt that drugs are factored in. He truly would need an outlet to pour all his inner demons into.

For the record, he was spotted all over the city while in town shooting- hitting on the bartenders, younger girls and women naturaly more porous to eating up his bs. *** He's nice: to look at, as company across the dinner table, maybe even if you're in need of a quick fling: BE FOREWARNED He's chasin pussy!!!! If I looked like him, I would too! Really how far will his looks take him?

Posted by: well at August 30, 2009 5:41 AM

Hm well no reason to believe me but I known him for quite long time and he actually never capitalizes anything in his writing of email or text. I don't think you known him at all in fact. Or if you did you most likely let him get away with having free milk and not buying the cow and now you bitter? If he is using flash and dazzle to get the ladies I say shame on them for not being more choosey. Girls have poor criteria so when guys get what girls "want" then guys get what they want to! Like karma. And his online reputation doesn't seem to be hurting that career of his so keep blogging ladies. If you need some therapy!

Posted by: simpatic at September 1, 2009 8:32 PM

What so no one capitalizes and puts smiley faces in their messages but this actor guy? Right. You all are delusional. And it makes so much sense that "drugs" are involved. Not. That is ridiculous. Plus I am sure you guys have no blemishes of demeanor like the damaged famous people of our world right? Its much better to sit back and judge. I sense resentment. Maybe because he has things that you want, but you can't have? Hmm

Posted by: Abe at September 1, 2009 8:57 PM

1 min ago
I am so glad I read this posting. Although it was too late at the time. Daniel is all these things the original poster mentioned: a liar, a cheater, and completely pathological. I am also in the entertainment business although not in the capacity of acting. I am a model and met Daniel Sunjata in LA at an even he was attending sans his girlfriend, Rosalba. Who as far as I'm concerned is just as bad a Daniel for staying with him knowing he is constantly cheating on her with women he meets virtually on an everyday basis. I fell for his charm and good looks and the sincereity he "seemed" to have while pursuing our relationship. He shared with me his dreams as an artist and an activist, and confessed he regretted decisions he had made with women and told me about his daughters. I felt I was his friend and girl. However, after a year I began to hear rumors of his womanizing and decided to do some research on my own. WhAT I found out was shocking indeed. He had a longtime girlfriend, a sex and drug addiction, and women like "from the center" said which was actually an email address he mailed me from sometimes. so it's ironic and painful. He strung me along in his twisted lies until I finally began to confront him about the fact that he had lied, I asked if he had a girlfriend to which he flat out said "no". Wow. Was I shocked. Because like the others I finally hunted down the other woman only to find out she thought Daniel was his. I hope she reads this and finally wises up. It's not love if he's telling other women he loves them and is sharing what should be all yours with everything in a skirt or worse. I don't know if he slept with men but I have heard stories. I dont doubt it. All I can say is if you are "dating" or have been seduced watch out-I was virtually emotionally destoyed by this vampire. Be smart ladies. He's also a big diva. And neurotic as hell. He was paranoid about everything no wonder he is obsessed with conspiracy theories. Don't worry he'll get his. God is justice. Nite

Posted by: mzm at October 18, 2009 1:56 AM

And yes his writing is incredible easy to distinguish. So obviously he is not good at disguising himself. the smiley faces he does and capital letters and almost anyone on this site adamantly defending him is daniel himself.

Posted by: Daniel Sucks Ballz at October 18, 2009 2:00 AM

Funny funny funny I do say :) Oh hey was that a smiley face I just wrote? Maybe I should go look in the mirror to see if I turned into Daniel Sunjata or just the same old me I was five minutes ago! Hahahaha You just reshuffle the same claims about this dude but have no proof other than your he said she said crap. What is really hilarious is that you actually think that shouting into a keyboard is doing something to dude which I'm fair sure is not the case. So you are a model? uh huh. Right. Or let me guess, you happen to work with dude right? Uh huh sure you do. Or wait let me guess again, you used to work with him? No? Ok well one more guess, you are so smoking hot that Daniel Sunjata who could date anyone in the world picked your face out of a crowded room and put a spell on you that made you drop your panties in less than a week (if so, you are a whore or a star fuk@er not a victim)? Riiiiiight. You all are sick sick puppies, not Daniel himself. He is a great actor and since "God is justice" I have no doubt that He will continue to keep dude blessed and in protection from the real vampires which are the folks spreading this malarkey about dude online, like Ball Sucker who postd above LOL. But if you believe what any anonymous poster slaps up online about someone specially when written with hate and spite and bitterness then knock yo self out friends. Its all got to be true since you read it here on Robotic amy and friends :) Crazies and haters. Being famous must really suck. Now go chase Balloon Boy to where the wild things are. Holla!

Posted by: whoknew at October 21, 2009 1:36 PM

I don't care whether any of that slander is true or false but I do know this guy puts his money where his mouth is. I saw a Charlie Sheen video where he asked Obama for 20 minutes to ask questions about 911 for behalf of the victims and families. Daniel came out and supported him and thats awesome! I read the following article Daniel wrote to support the effort. I can't link to it here but I paste this below. Enjoy and pay attention to what matters and not who celebrities are asleep with and sexing and what not. I believe these rumors always start as a way to discredit people who speak to power with the truth like Charlie and like Daniel. Don't let them smoke screen the real issues here. And no matter what, these celebrities who speak on these issues are doing a biggie service to us all and we need to salute them not slander them unless that slander is coming from the CIA or some disinformation experts which I wouldn't be suprised! Read it all below and get active instead of wasting time gossiping about stupidness.


This Is NOT Wilson’s War: Charlie Sheen Leaves Main Stream Media Exposed

Daniel Sunjata
October 12, 2009

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time.” – from Edward Bernays’ Propaganda (1928)

“Oh shame, where is they blush?” – from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

While listening to a recent interview between Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen, I heard Sheen bemoan the surprising lack of support he had received from the entertainment community (specifically from those who are, at least in private, critical of the government’s explanation for 9/11) while taking heavy fire from the media in response to his “20 Minutes With The President” initiative. Well, Charlie, you have a witness. I stand in absolute support and solidarity with your request on behalf of the victim’s family members, and in the names of those we lost on 9/11 and those who have been murdered in its aftermath, for you to be granted 20 minutes to present your 20 questions to President Obama. It thus bears repeating (from my previous essay):

“This above all else is President Obama’s litmus test of integrity and the quintessence of this nation’s hope for change. For if 9/11 was in fact an inside job, then it places all of the evils that flowed from and followed that event into vivid contextual focus. Bogus claims of executive privilege should offer no protection to those towards whom the preponderance of evidence points; chips fall where they may.”

If our President can find the time to comment on Kanye West’s bad behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards, then I think it is reasonable to assume that he should find the time to listen to Charlie Sheen and provide a thoughtful response to his questions. And why not? These questions are shared not only by millions around the world but also by officers from within the military of which he serves as Commander In Chief, as well as by esteemed members of the counter-terror and intelligence community upon whom he presumably depends for “actionable” information. Furthermore, over half of the 911 Commissions’ own members have defected from their endorsement of the “official report,” stating that they were set up to fail in their efforts and that there was agreement not to tell the truth. Charlie voted for President Obama based upon what he promised to be for America. Is he not the candidate of hope and change? Did he not extol the virtues of greater governmental transparency and accountability? Well when it comes to taking an honest look at the questions surrounding 9/11 (and a host of other vital issues), it seems that that is change we can’t believe in. No we can’t. This is made all the more apparent by the corporate media’s preposterous (if predictable) response to the fact-based questions presented in Sheen’s letter. It is not hyperbole to state that their utterly unethical and shamelessly anti-democratic bias in covering 9/11 dissent (or in this case, the mere posing of valid questions) is a case study in moral treason. Charlie Sheen has provided for us a “teachable moment” wherein the boot-licking corporate media have once again shown us by their lock-step subservience to the establishment, that they are far more committed to binding debate and covering up the truth than they are to exposing it. Oh, American “free-press,” where is thy blush indeed?

Between the silence of the White House and the violence of its lap-dog slave-press, the essential response to each of Charlie’s 20 bullet points has been something to the effect of “You must have a trick gene. Popular Mechanics! You are an actor. Popular Mechanics! You have a past that has nothing to do with the facts at hand, so lets talk about that instead. Popular Mechanics! Asking questions about things which we have agreed not to tell the truth about, makes you a holocaust denier and a Nazi propagandist. You are hurting people’s feelings by asking hard questions with the aim of uncovering the truth. Uh…Popular Mechanics!” If you are a person of influence with a platform of public visibility, I urge you to read Charlie Sheen’s letter to President Obama. Fact check the bibliographic references which support the document. If even one of his 20 bullet points leaves you with a sliver of doubt as to whether we have been misled about 9/11, then please stand up and be counted. Force the media’s attention onto the experts whose public statements and research they have refused to acknowledge. As evidenced by New York State’s silencing of 80,000 petitioners calling for a new 9/11 investigation, a tremendous amount of energy is being expended in order to avoid the injection of this topic into the arena of public debate. Without your support, the victim’s family members may never find out why. Don’t let Charlie go it alone. Support his call for answers and accountability. Be on the right side of history.

Posted by: ShutUp&Listen at October 25, 2009 1:21 PM

What's this? Crazy. I scrolled down the page and I also see a pattern. Not with the post that have this man's back but the one's that are on the offensive. It is clear that the person has an agenda or vendetta or both. Maybe the guy is a saint and maybe he is imperfect like most humans but the chances that this are all true is so slim to be beyond a belief. People like that are in politics, not acting. Someone should file a law suit for slander and libel if you ask for my two cents. I like Rescue Me but am no fan of the acting. I like that he is active socially and with 911 and all of that though. Anyway that's what I think.

Posted by: Marissa McG. at October 26, 2009 7:36 PM

Well it looks like Daniel is posting on this website as "Tank" haha. Heyyyyy Daniel you're hotttt

Posted by: Tatiana at January 8, 2010 10:36 PM

Peeps must be sick ha. I am betting a star has more important things than fighting lies on random blogs like this. Yeah he hot though. Good job whoever exposed the liars on here. Stop makin up stories and get a life instead of spreading garbage about folks maybe is a good idea so yeah

Posted by: Shorty at January 12, 2010 9:21 AM

First I like to say Happy 38th Birthday(12/30)& may
all your dreams come true. I don't know if you'll remember me, but I met you backstage at(Cyrano)& once again at The Bleeker Street Theatre & both times you were a real gentleman.
I wish you all the Health, Wealth, & Happiness in whatever comes your way & may God bless you always!!


Posted by: Claudia at January 13, 2010 11:35 AM

nah it would be doubtful that he even knew this page was here. i saw him in devil wears prada and loved his work but he had such a small part. i want to see him in more plays cause that is where the real actors are i think. but he is a good looking man thats absolutely sure. he's also very talented and seems smart. much success!

Posted by: angiestone at January 14, 2010 11:09 AM

On August 10, I meet you in front of Mass General Hospital as we were walking in to take my mom off of life support. We felt like you were an angel at that time, a much needed distraction! You were kind and generous to us, and you gave us something exciting to embrace and remember about that day. We have always been fans of Rescue Me, and want everyone to know what a decent human being you are. We never asked but are now wondering what you were filming?? Maybe you'll never see this but if you do...Thankyou!!!

Posted by: Jenn G. R. at January 14, 2010 11:13 AM

The sex, was okay! I read this above and almost died.. agreed! Was his ipod playing Maxwell also?

Posted by: agreed at February 18, 2010 8:27 AM

Lmfao! Just saw this and its very entertaining baby. But I have to say that I saw him for a while years ago and I don't know who you guys slept with but in my time with him the sex was literally the best I have ever had in my entire life. I won't give details but I can say that I think about it to this day and it was a long long time ago. And nope, no ipods or Maxwel. Lmfao!

Posted by: jewel at February 27, 2010 9:59 AM

I been seeing this guy in movies and TV for a while now. I wonder why with such looks and talent he has not become more of a success at this time? It's a hard business but you would think somebody who has star potential would get scooped up by some producer or whatever. I think his time to shine will come. Some actors don't get huge and successful until they get a bit older. But I liked him a lot in Ghosts of Girl Friends Past and also Sex In The City and Brother To Brother. I heard he can do theatre but personally i don't like plays. Going to keep watching him though. I like his style!

Posted by: Tech9 at March 2, 2010 1:48 PM

Good actor. Good looking. I dig I diiig

Posted by: smokey at March 4, 2010 1:30 PM

hey well I don't know why people are so energetic in saying gossip when they surely are not perfect either but I wanted to share a good story about this good man. i used to live in the same building as he did in brooklyn. He was always sweet and nice to everyone. he also volunteered to tutor the kids (the building had an after school thing where kids do their homework and things) in the local program. I never saw anything with him dating and such but I did see him do lots of good things that were unselfish and generous and this is before he is famous! So take that good nugget with you and leave these bitter elements for what they are, bitter elements.

Posted by: julissa p at March 11, 2010 11:04 PM

Cool. Good to know celebs do things besides red carpets. I like his acting. This guy looks like Harry Belefonte.

Posted by: Wolsey at March 13, 2010 12:26 PM

Women should always trust their instincts when it comes to their man. Unfortunately, not all men are honest and faithful. Those odds go down in the entertainment business.

When I read the texts recently released from one of tiger woods mistresses in the paper I couldn't help but think of a thing I had with Daniel Sunjata. I had a sexual relationship with him that was short, but he did have a longtime girlfriend I didn't know about then. Although Daniel is a much lesser known person, and if he were to get that famous would be exposed the same way.

He is a cheater. And I have every right to tell the truth. Because it is mine. I don't know about what happened to others on here. But I certainly did have sex with him over several months only to discover he was living with a girlfriend at another residence.

Daniel you are no different Tiger Woods, beware you don't end up exposed the same way and fix your behavior now.

Posted by: Ashley at March 18, 2010 7:20 PM

As for the sex, it was not terrible. But he's just another narcissistic actor who needs to be told by a million women how great he is. Mommy didn't love you enough, Danny? Give me a break. He needs to pull it together

Posted by: Ashley at March 18, 2010 7:35 PM

Somebody has issues and as a long time friend of Daniel's I can say 150% that it isn't him. Chances are these defamatory posts are from one jilted lady who could hold onto something she desperately wanted. Namely Danny.

Anyway, these whores can blog away till their blue in the face but it won't change a thing. Danny is a wonderful, honest, caring man with a load of talent and charm that makes him a lock for huge success.

Comparing him to Woods is good for a laugh but not much more than that. Where Woods is concerned I think the public should be more disgusted with women who are so devious as to save texts and voicemails from a man they knew was married while they were sleeping with him just to try to shame him into paying them off. But should we be suprised? That is what whores do after all. No doubt "Ashley" is cut from that same cloth. So moving on to something actual and factual, when I am so jazzed to see how Danny does in these upcoming flics on TNT (or is it Lifetime?). Not a big fan of Andy McDowell but the preview that I saw looked pretty good. And he looked great in it. Is it April yet? :) Happy for you my friend. Keep up the good work and nevermind these wanna be's, hangers on, and haters. Let them stew in their own negativity buddy. In the meantime, your future is BRIGHT!


Posted by: G.K. at March 22, 2010 4:01 PM

You girls are shameless! get a life already and leave this man alone. If he wanted you you would still have him. but we don't think you ever knew the guy but just wish you had. no more fantasy sweetie. live in reality instead. but if he got you, you obvious wanted him and thought he was "great" so now that you got used just leave it alone and move on i say! and i'm sure it wasn't terrible haha probably the opposite. he is so foine!

Posted by: Pat at March 22, 2010 5:03 PM

oh who cares...

actor or not

all men cheat;;

cuz they can..

deal with it~

dont watch his movies or shows then~

every day average joes cheat all the time.
just imagine a gorgeous entertainer,,,

it is what it is~
men cant and wont ever commit to one woman, cuz they dont have to...

besides who cares?

he is a telented actor with great range,,

fidelity and happily ever after are an illusion..

I want a type realationship that he has...


Posted by: me at March 23, 2010 6:45 PM

Geez people, lay off the guy!!!! He's talented and gorgeous.

Posted by: Kelly J. at April 14, 2010 6:09 PM

Wow, I came across this post doing a search. It's amazing how many people can read something posted by someone they about someone else and they believe everything.

All I can say to all of you is get a life. If Daniel Sunjata is as bad as everyone is saying and is doing the things he's being accused of, the truth eventually comes to light.

To the rest of you bloggers, your lives must really suck.

Posted by: Kristamarie at April 18, 2010 12:32 AM

I so agree. In fact even if he is who cares. He isn't running for president last time I checked. And no one is perfect. Be glad our lives are not under a micro scope because who could go through that and come out clean? We're humans. He is cute as f**k and handsome and can act his butt off. The rest is really really only worth the time of fools. Get a life ohhh yeah! lol

Posted by: candylane at April 18, 2010 10:31 PM

Hey krista it isn't "everyone" it is one or two wackos trolling this page I think. I doubt he is capable of that and THIS anyway:
So use your brain people! Some things are not important because they are not relevent and some things are important because they are relevent. Mr. Man is relevent and not cause of what haters are saying but because he is telling the truth and doing his thang at the same time. loosgoose 3,2, ONE!!!

Posted by: opal/IS/ME:)) at April 18, 2010 10:43 PM

This is so funny, Someone is getting a lot of
cheap publicity from all this, people like to read the bad things, why not get out and help others in this time of the world, we would believe that 911 was a set up look at how much a day the United States is racking up debt because of a War and the people are losing their jobs and
homes, LAUGH OUT LOUD if you don't believe and pay attention what is going on in this county.

Posted by: Barbara at May 1, 2010 11:41 PM

That is what I love about Daniel. He puts his money where his mouth is. He advocates for truth and to help the first responders when no one else will. And the United States isn't racking up debt. The PEOPLE of the US are racking up the debt while unemployment soars and meanwhile the defense industry and those in energy and other huge corporations (AND BANKS) are doing juuuuust fine. It is no accident. Thank you Daniel for opening ears and eyes as best as you can. Never stop the fight until the light:)

Posted by: Ursula Granger at May 4, 2010 11:09 AM

I'm really not surprised to be honest. I didn't have any involvement with the guy, but a good friend of mine dated him.

I won't bash the guy, but I'll say this, these men in Hollywood better watch out. Look at Tiger and Jesse James. In the age of camera phones, the internet, saved TXT messages, and twitter. YOU WILL BE OUTED! And if push came to shove I don't think ANY of the women would have any hesitation in coming forward publicly. So Dan, you better keep to the straight and narrow. You will be found out!

Posted by: Kelly Anne at June 14, 2010 8:02 PM

Come forward to say what? "Im a whore?" lol really it's these skanks that need to watch out cause they only make themselves look pathetic when they advertise who they have slept with or lie about who they have dated or whatever. And then pose for playboy with their tired 3 minutes of "fame." Skeezers and easy women are just gross and pathetic and classless. something tells me this man has nothing to worry about, unless this three year old blog is viewed as a threat of some kind. Which I seriously doubt for real.

Posted by: Licorice Stick at June 18, 2010 4:42 PM

I doubt that is Sunjatas friend posting on this blog but I totally agree. He is so talented and that's all I personally care about. The rest of this stupidity is just females being ridiculous. Like the one above. Push and shove? How would it ever come to that? I'm a lady and I know how we are. We just tell on these boys for limelight and attention and vengeance purposes. And usually it's a lot of lies and a little if any truth. So tired and childish. I doubt he he could care any less about Kelly or the rest. So shut up and get lives if you ask me.

Posted by: Mandy at June 18, 2010 7:47 PM

Can't wait to see this guy as Ranger in One For The Money. He's gonna smack it out the park just like he did in Bronx Is Burning. Yeah!!

Posted by: Ewan at June 20, 2010 8:47 AM

Oh god I want to marry him. He has the looks but oh I love his brain and how he talk. His acting is quite excellent and this doesn't hurt the chances!! :) oh yeah also the negative comment comes up as lies to me. I don't no it just doesn't smell right. And so much more important and bad things are going in this world. I hope he does movies. He should!

Posted by: Yuki at June 28, 2010 10:36 PM

This is too funny to me. I don't think anyone should be hating on the women. I had my own brief brush with him. I was doing a scene as a model in a movie he did several years ago called The Devil Wears Prada. He picked me up on set claimed to have never done anything like that before. Then commenced incessantly texting and sexting me. I ran into another girl on another set not long after and she showed me the text rants from this man. He has an MO as a player. I have no doubt he is very low down if he has a girlfriend. I think he's probably picked up every cute girl on set in the entertainment business. And no, none of them are classless enough to blow up his spot to a magazine, but that is probably because he's not big enough. If he does and I sincerely doubt it at his age, but I'm sure the women will come out with the real truth about this guy. He's a sex addict, and thankfully I didn't find that out personally. But the other girl I ran into said she slept with him and it was good but man must he be dirty. Hope he uses protection.

Posted by: CR at February 18, 2011 11:52 PM

lol lol liars. you didn't ever meet him and if did he isn't like that at all as we who know him already know. and who you wrote about seems desperate. pretty sure he has enough women chasing him that he doesn't need to sext txt like crazy and be a stalker so stop the lies. to funny.

Posted by: holly at April 24, 2011 2:38 PM

I totally believe these women! LOL. Put it out there ladies, PUT IT out there. That way a woman can be informed before they decide to tussle with this guy--and make him wear a condom!

Posted by: bc at May 19, 2011 2:01 PM

no way. total hateration. so easy to spot. if he was a politician it would probably be true and actually matter. not the case. guy is a dope actor which is all that matters.

Posted by: remy at June 9, 2011 5:49 AM

Ummm...so more than a few women thought he was cute and was feeling all special to go out with an actor, let him hit it, and had to do a walk of shame. Boo frigging hop hoo. You had no respect for yourself, so he didn't respect you. He obviously didn't force anyone, because then he could be brought up on charges. You gave it up and he took it and now the slags feel stupid. You knew what was up and were willing participants

Posted by: HawHaw! at January 18, 2012 12:35 AM

All this garbage about Daniel dating women is false. This is probably Daniel posing as three different people in order to promote the idea that he is straight. He is gay, he hit on my black friend. He loves black men! Get real people, Daniel Sunjata is gay gay gay.

Posted by: Tom Johnson at January 26, 2012 1:23 AM

I saw him having intercourse with a goat while snorting blow off the back of an alien from mars. Truth.

Posted by: LarsGirl at April 20, 2012 4:01 AM

Well despite the comments I would still go out with Danny, if were single, just to find out who he's for myself. I know he's adorable , talented, and successful (career wise) and if he turns out to be a jerk afterwards then hey maybe he's a good acted because men usually communicate what they want from you with in the first hour of the date. But some females get in to the mindset that they want some thing else and the man is going to change their mind and want the same thing as them. Hence.the crazy post from the past.

Posted by: at August 1, 2012 11:30 PM

Great actor; and amazing lips!
Actors are a different breed...
You have great experiences with them but they belong to the world.
GOD those LIPS!!!!!!
And voice!
Genes from God, such a great specimen.
Wherever you are, I love ya man.

Posted by: Ross B at August 5, 2012 10:06 PM

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