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September 19, 2007


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Ready for this season's new show about bitchy drunks and spoiled date rapists? The glaringly over-exposed "Gossip Girl" premieres tonight on the CW. I'm just going to assume that everyone is going to watch this crap.

Our nation's 11 year-olds now have a whole new level of slutiness to aspire to, while everyone over 30 can reminisce about how good and debased Buffy was in Cruel Intentions.

Some media coverage:

NYT doesn't like it, but for what sound like good reasons: moralistic storylines and too much boring stuff about the parents. Because if you're going for teenage depravity, go all the way.

  • On the other hand, the more easily scandalized ABC likes the bloated trashy overindulgence, and thought there were hardly any boring parents scenes, so who knows.
  • The LA Times quotes the writers saying the show was inspired by The Great Gatsby and The Age of Innocence, and also one of the actresses stressing that her character is really not like Paris Hilton. Mm-hmm.
  • Slate calls it predictable libertinism, though is a little disappointed that all the bulimia in the books got cut for TV.

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    My favorite thing about the NYT article was the note that all these girls drink, smoke weed and have sex, but they don't smoke cigarettes. Apparently, that's where the network censors draw the line.

    Posted by: cushie at September 19, 2007 7:05 PM

    Gossip Girl, you are no OC.

    Shows about privileged teenagers behaving badly are scintillating and scandalous and funny because they are actually about teenagers, but teenagers who are trying to act like adults. So far in Gossip Girl, there is no evidence that these characters are in fact teenagers AT ALL. They drink and have sex and smoke weed and go to fancy parties and restaurants, but they don't go to school or have parents (except in a few peripheral scenes). Plus, even the youngest cast members look like they're 35. So, that just makes it a show about self-indulgent rich New Yorkers - and that's what we have New York magazine for.

    Please, by the end of the first episode of The OC, Ryan Atwood stole a car, went to jail, moved in with a super-rich foster family, made a new best friend, got into a fight, went to jail AGAIN and started an affair with the prettiest girl in school. Now THAT'S a premiere.

    Posted by: Emily at September 20, 2007 3:43 PM

    I think the writers were also attempting to recreate some "Melrose Place"-style backstabbing and bitchery, and came up disgracefully short in this, too. Come on, we don't want to see our TV vixen exiling herself in shame after sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend, we want to see the two girls get into a fist-fight over it, preferably ending with both of them falling into a pool.

    Posted by: amy at September 20, 2007 5:00 PM


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