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June 24, 2008


You know you're a '00's kid if...


VH1 started its newest installment of the "I Love The..." series last night with "I Love the New Millennium", a show that looks back fondly on the decade that we're still in.

Message boards on VH1 and IMDb are full of "Are you kidding me?" and "What's next? 'I Love 45 minutes Ago'?" comments, but personally, I have no problem with a nostalgia show about just a few years ago. I don't feel especially nostalgic for when I was 9 or when I was 16. I feel nostalgic for when I was 27.

The 2000 and 2001 shows were on last night; 2002 and 2003 play back to back tonight. There were a few obvious segments in last night's episodes that didn't exactly capture the zeitgeist of years past because nothing has changed since then (remember the iPod? and when people downloaded music off the internet?) But there were a few bits that really did feel like a return to a not-so-distant long-lost era:

  • Failed football experiments: XFL, Dennis Miller hosting Monday Night Football
  • Dude, Where's My Car?
  • Kelly Ripa's debut
  • Sisqo

Many of the hosts of the old shows are back, with the deadpan Michael Ian Black delivering a solid half of the commentary. Dee Snyder is back, squeezing this new show in between episodes of "Rock the Cradle" and "100 Most Metal Moments", as is the most inexplicable of the regular VH1 commentators, Luis Guzman. The guy does 4-6 movies a year and still has time for this crap? He does a good job though. Also back are two members of The Donnas.

New commentators include Toofer and Josh from "30 Rock". Maybe they did this show during the writers' strike?

A few things from our current decade that I already feel nostalgic about:

  • Canceled TV: "The Job" and "The Lone Gunmen"
  • Low Culture (a highlight or two)
  • Fametracker
  • Common and Kanye on "Chappelle's Show" doing "The Food" live [video] (to be honest, the first time I saw this clip from the show was just a few days ago, but the pre-Jamie Foxx Kanye wearing a Kanye West t-shirt and blazer, with Dave Chappelle raising his fist in the studio/kitchen was instant wistfulness.)

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You know how Gen-Xers roll their eyes at how Baby Boomers JUST CAN NOT stop talking about how great the 60s were? Maybe this is what will make Millennials roll their eyes about us: our love for constantly packaging and repackaging our own (or anyone else's) past. In 2030 we'll be making videos (ideally hosted by Jamie Lynn Spears and Suri Cruise) about how awesome it was to be 50 in 2020.

Posted by: T-Rock at June 24, 2008 3:49 PM

I have a theory that the reason our generation is so obsessive about remembering and reliving every stage of our own lives through the "I Love The..." shows, endless Top 100 Videos shows, etc, is that we grew up with all the Baby Boomers and Oliver Stone yammering on about the '60's, a new Beatles documentary on PBS every month, and Freedom Rock ads. Now that we're starting to run the media (finally!) this is what we think we're supposed to do to assert our generational identity. Or at least drown out VH1 Classic's rebroadcasts of "Woodstock".

Posted by: amy at June 24, 2008 5:20 PM

I'm more of a mid 90s-early 00s kid. I remembered: Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Captain Planet, Teen Titans, LOTR and happy potter fever, gameboy without colours, the whole of cartoon network channel as well as Popeye the sailorman. Many more to name, but couldn't think of it right now. Those times were awesome! :-)

Posted by: holmesiangirl at April 10, 2011 5:17 AM

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