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July 17, 2008



McConaughey does yoga on the beach

If you think of Matthew McConaughey as a celebrity product, he's one of the most consistently branded and immediately recognizable products on the planet. In most photos, he is a) on a beach, b) in shorts, c) holding a surfboard, d) wearing a do-rag, e) drunk, or most often f) a combination of at least 3 of these.

Matthew McConaughey is his own logo, and it looks like this:

McConaughey skating and surfing

or maybe like this:

McConaughey with bongos

Since Matthew McConaughey's branding is so consistent, it becomes easy to predict the details of new business ventures he's getting into. For example, if you hear that Matthew McConaughey has started a record label, what genre would you guess his first artist is in?

That's right: Reggae! The first single is "Here Comes Da Train" by Mishka.

Here's another one: What do you think his upcoming movie that he stars in and produced might be about?

Yes: surfing! Surfer Dude comes out later this year. It's also features Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson and is about a surfer on a mystical journey. So actually, if your guess had been "smoking weed" you also would have been right.

From the IMDb message board for Surfer Dude:

Got a chance to go to an early screening... It's essentially Dazed and Confused with old dudes "soul" surfing and LOTS of weed... The whole movie's pretty much just McConaughey and Woody Harrelson getting blazed with the occasional gratuitous tits shot. I think there was one scene where it was just boobies, lots and lots of boobies for like 8 minutes.

See what I mean? The man is a rigorously disciplined marketing genius.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the director of Surfer Dude is S.R. Bindler, whose only other movie is maybe the greatest documentary ever made, Hands on a Hard Body. So yes, it will be awesome. It looks like Bindler and Matthew McConaughey were in high school together in Texas.

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I bet Surfer Dude had a really, really high catering budget.

Posted by: T-Rock at July 17, 2008 1:15 PM


Posted by: esskay at July 17, 2008 1:55 PM

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