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October 4, 2012


Horror candy

Combining two of life's greatest pleasures, horror movies and candy, Cadbury has come out with a funny series of ads for its exciting new candy: Screme Eggs. These have been available in the UK since last Halloween, but it looks like we're just getting them for the first time.

Here's my favorite ad, a riff on werewolf/mummy movies, complete with egg gore:

And a good zombie-attack/"Thriller" video one:

And an apocalyptic news cast:

The ads are all on Cadbury's Creme Egg Canada YouTube channel, so I doubt they'll be aired in the US. (Too scary?) Since they were made for Canada, there are both French and English versions, but conveniently, the only line of dialogue in either language is "goo". The international language of candy snot.

Here in New York, they're priced at a borderline outrageous $1.00 per egg, and the only real difference from the regular Creme Eggs is that the cream/snot on the inside is green instead of yellow. And they're still so ridiculously, brain-meltingly sweet that they produce the all-too-familiar sequence of symptoms:

1) euphoria
2) delirium
3) disorientation
4) nausea

Maybe it's best to just stick to the ads.

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My desire to try these trumps your warnings.

I'm sure I will be filled with regret later. You know, like always.

Posted by: Tim at October 5, 2012 5:45 PM

Euphoria, delirium, disorientation, nausea. It's the lather rinse repeat of my whole life.

Posted by: T-Rock at October 7, 2012 8:32 AM

The shame spiral of novelty candy. Oh, the regret.

Posted by: amy at November 13, 2012 6:11 PM