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February 1, 2013


Goodbye, 30 Rock

30 Rock Finale

30 Rock Finale

Last night's "30 Rock" series finale was pretty much perfect. It was a satisfying close to a great show, and it was the funniest episode in a while. I couldn't ask for a better ending, except I'm sad to see it go.

You know who I'll especially miss? Jane Krakowski. We'll get plenty of Tina Fey doing funny things for years to come now that she's a big successful star, Alec Baldwin will continue to pop up in all aspects of New York cultural/political/tabloid life, and Tracy Morgan and Judah Friedlander will be back doing stand up and wacky animation voiceovers. But from now on, every time I take a low-volume shower with Ed Begley, Jr., I'll shed a silent tear for Jenna.

One upside: "Community" is showing up right on time to fill the Thursday 8pm slot and absorb some of our emotionally fragile rebound love.

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Jane Krakowski has been my favorite thing about the show for the last few seasons. She was perfect in virtually every scene she was in.

Posted by: ADM at February 3, 2013 11:28 PM

Well, I finally broke down and bought the Japanese version of season 1, it was "on sale" from Amazon for the equivalent of 110 bucks, US.

I guess I shoulda asked you if the first season was worth it, or if I shoulda started with a later one...

Posted by: Tim at February 6, 2013 11:01 PM

She really was fantastic. Much as it pains me to strike down a role for a funny, frumpy brunette, she was a better foil for Fey than Rachel Dratch would have been. I, too, will be wondering where we'll see her again. It's a little bit like the end of Buffy, knowing that these actors will likely never get such good material for the rest of their lives.

Posted by: That Fuzzy Bastard at February 7, 2013 12:33 AM

Yes, as funny as Rachel Dratch is, she can't touch the comic genius of Krakowski as Jenna. Maybe it was the suits at NBC who made the call over Tina Fey's objections, but they were 100% right.

And Tim, I experience some kind of vicarious outrage every time I find out what you have to spend to watch US shows. 30 Rock is a good show, but every season had its share of duds, and the entire 4th or 5th seasons were overall pretty weak. I can't remember which seasons are the especially good ones, but I guess if you like season 1, then other early ones are worth seeing, too. But I can't in good faith recommend spending that kind of money for a good but rarely transcendent sitcom. I admire your dedication to pop culture!

Posted by: amy at February 8, 2013 5:24 PM

An update: I got the 1st season from Amazon, and upon opening it I noticed that it said "Season 1 Box 1," meaning that there's a box 2, meaning that I paid 100 buck for half a season!

I watched a few, it was Ok. Alec Baldwin was great. Not every DVD set is that expensive in Japan, by the way, and some do get discounted after a year or so (you can get a season of Rome for the equivalent of 15 bucks or so). And I have a multi-region player and often just order stuff from England or America (well, I have to for things like Downton Abbey that haven't been released here yet).

But I do try to buy the Japanese versions of things that I think Cindy will like, and that's why I got 30 Rock. She might like it, we'll see.

Posted by: Tim at February 10, 2013 6:46 PM

You know what, I have Season 1 of 30 Rock on DVD, and I'd be happy to send you a copy of whatever episodes make up Box 2. It's the least I can do! (I can't help you with subtitles for Cindy, though.)

Posted by: amy at February 11, 2013 10:13 PM